Impress Your Guests With A Selection Of Delicious Party Canapes

Canapés are the perfect party snack as they are small, delicious and visually impressive. Not just this, but there are endless possibilities which means that you can also cater to different tastes. This is a snack that is considered to be elegant and sophisticated, so they are perfect for impressing your guests.

No party or social occasion is complete without canapés. These small, light and enticing snacks are packed full of flavour and synonymous with class and sophistication – this makes them a superb way to inject elegance into any social event. They are also perfect for parties as they are a type of finger food, which enables your guests to eat and socialise at the same time. This is important because it encourages people to mingle and keep the party going. Although small, they can also be filling and this is vital as it means that your guests will not go hungry.

A canapé is an hors d’oeuvre which originated from France, owing its name to the French word for sofa. This is due to the fact that the garnish sits on top of a piece of bread, much like a person sits on a sofa. They (usually) consist of a small piece of bread, puff pastry or cracker which is then topped with some kind of savoury food. This could include cold meat and/or a savoury butter or paste. They are small and decorative and often eaten in just one bite – this makes them ideal for any social event.

Party canapés are associated with formal events and cocktail parties; this is because they are usually served during cocktail hours. As they are often salty or spicy, this encourages people to drink more. Not just this, but they are also visually impressive and artistic, so people are always impressed by their presence. One of the key reasons that they are such a great snack to serve at any party or social event is the fact that there are endless variations to serve. This means that every guest should be able to find at least one type that they enjoy.

Cold canapés

Cold canapés are the most popular type and they can be enjoyed throughout the party. There are hundreds of different types to consider, so everybody should be able to find at least one type that they enjoy (you should always serve both meat and vegetarian options)

Hot canapés

Hot canapés can act as dinner and will need to be made just before being served. Typically, they could consist of mini burgers, mini Yorkshire puddings, sausage rolls, pigs in a blanket and similar types of food.

Sweet canapés

Sweet canapés can be served as a dessert or as part of afternoon tea. Again there are many different types to consider, such as macaroons, mini éclairs, mini dome chocolate tarts and bamboo sticks with various fruit.

Canapés are the ultimate party snack and a great way to impress your guests. Whether it is a small gathering or large formal event, you can’t go wrong with this impressive snack.

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