Introducing the High Quality and Mightily Flexible Cineak Home Cinema Seating

Cineak Home Cinema Seating is high quality and extremely flexible for use within a home cinema environment. We at Custom Controls should know, as we have designed and installed the seating in many home cinemas for our clients over the years. This seating is popular for many reasons, as you will see below:

  • Available in a wide range thus ensuring that each customer gets seating that suits their look.
  • Clients can use their own fabric or select from a wide range of fabrics we offer.
  • Modular ranges that guarantee a wide variety of standard seats, arm styles and chaise lounge styles.
  • It is possible to use the Crestron Home Automation System to control the seating.

Range of Seating

Cineak offers a wide range of cinema seating. All elements in the seating are bespoke. All these elements are adjustable to suit what the customer needs and can be personalized as required. The seating comes with a wide range of accessories too that include:

  • chilled cup holders
  • tactile transducers
  • Onyx under lit tables

We like using Cineak Cinema Seating, especially where we have to kit out and design home cinema rooms for clients. Here are a few options to choose from.

Cineak Fortuny Recliner Seating

Recliner Seating

This seating is like any other recliner you would find in a traditional home cinema. With its electric-operated footrest and backrest, the recliner provides the comfort and customization you need to view your movies in complete relaxation.

Cineak Intimo Relaxed Cinema Seating

Relaxed Cinema Seating

Intimo is completely different to Fortuny. It offers a more relaxed style compared to the latter. The Intimo range is ideal for home cinema rooms that will likely be graced by children for family use, or for young couples cuddling up.

Cineak Cosymo Sofa Seating

Sofa Seating

The fact it oozes sophistication and class makes Cosymo Sofa Seating ideal for a gentlemen’s club. These qualities also make it the most suitable seating where old-fashioned speak-easy styles are prioritized. That said; it’s just as customizable as the rest.

Cineak Cinema Seating Design

We have a few examples of the work we have done with Cineak Cinema Seating. Contact us for more details. Our modus operandi involves mixing different styles of cinema seating depending on the preferences and requirements each customer presents to us. Give us a try today by visiting

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