Invest In The Right Size Of The Solar Power: Read Further To Know In Detail

There are certain parts of the world that are best for the apt utilization of the solar power. This means there is availability of clear sky and around 4-5 hours of sunshine almost every day. Once looked around you may find that there are many who are opting for solar power panels because of several advantages associated with its use. In fact there are some places, which have been christened as solar capitals.

The geography of these parts / places / cities make the investments into solar power panels just perfect and in the long run, it proves to be cost effective too. There are several state run benefits that encourage the installation of these panels. For better understanding you may observe residential solar San Diego.

When it comes to the installation part, remember, these solar power panels come in a number of sizes. You may choose as per your requirements. For details read further for better and clearer understanding.

Your Energy Bill

Once you get your energy bill, try to look for the graph (representing your energy usage chart / graph). This way you may yourself judge your energy utilization. Once you have this thing clear, accordingly you may opt for the size that you need.

Energy used during Day Time

You must judge how much energy you use during day time. This is a very simple task to do.  Moreover, if you have the provision of battery storage, than it is very nice because otherwise you will get to use the power supply only when the sun shines brightly. Many researches mention that the best is to use the direct energy supply.

Selecting the Right System

If the percentage utilization of electricity is 33% during the day time, the right size of the solar system will be of 2kW. This will be the best choice as it will generate only the amount of energy that is needed and cause no wastage in between as there has to be no transferring of energy to the grid.

A size bigger than the mentioned above may not be the right investment if there is none who stays at home during day time. If you stay at home (working from home / retired) then it is the right choice for you.

Battery Storage – Its need

The solar power panels that you see in the market, not all come with the system for battery storage. You may have to buy them separately if you wish to store the energy. While finalizing your decision for the storage facility, analyze few things, such as:-

  • Whether you wish to go off grid
  • You wish to save energy for utilization during night time

There is no harm in doing your homework before you get a solar system installed. By considering some simple points, you will not only save some money, but you will also be comfortable in future. So be smart, plan well and buy right.

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