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Today there are many software application tools know are code calculators or simply code generators. They are pretty easy to use and after you have read just one article like this one, or seen a video with instructions you will be able to use any of these car radio code calculators/ generators.

But first things first!

Why does one need a car radio calculator/ generator?

These tools are especially handy if you have bought a vehicle from a previous owner with a car radio device installed already in it, or if you just decided to buy a car stereo from a second hand retailer. In either of this cases, you are not the first owner of the car radio and that is why you probably don’t know the original unlock code. If you remember at the time of the trading to ask the owner for the unlock code that would be grand, but if you didn’t you might want to know more about the car radio unlock code calculators/ generators.


Don’t get me wrong, these software application tools are not designed for the people who bought their stereo from a second-hand, they are designed for all those of us who cannot figure the unlock code when we most need it. So, everyone is welcomed to download the recommended code-calculating/ generating tool which I will recommend and use it for its own purpose.

How to know when a car radio unit needs an unlock code?

The answer to this one is very simple and pretty obvious too- when you are not able to power on your stereo and when it asks for an unlock code. Even when you have the code, or you think you know it you need to be extra careful. Five tries to enter the acceptable unlock code and you will need to dump the car radio in the trash because it will no longer work. This is generally known as blocking. So, whatever you do try not to block your car radio unit because there is no way back after the block is activated. You will know if your car radio unit is blocked when you are not allowed to enter a single digit from the required unlock code. (And let’s hope it will never come to that, especially not now when you can generate your code for free and make sure that it is the right one!)

What tool do you need to get to make sure that the code generating/ calculating procedure would be 100 % successful?

The most practical software application tool of all, according to a detailed research and thorough comparison, is by far the Radio Codes Calculator app.


All you have to do is get it on your computer and half of the job is done.

The other half is more hands-on on your part because in this part of the code generating procedure you will have to make just a little effort. You will need to know the name of the manufacturer of your car radio beforehand and the serial number as well.

How to find the serial number of my car radio unit?

If you are not the first owner of the gadget or you simply didn’t hold on to the originally packaging box then there is only one way for you to figure the serial number of your stereo. Press the eject button, or use the recommended steps to pull out the stereo gently. Have a look at the back side and you will definitely see the serial number. Make sure you got the serial number right because if you didn’t get it right the code generating project will be doomed to failure for various reasons which will be discussed some other time.

What next?

The next course of action, or the third segment of the code-generating procedure, is the following:

  • Open the Radio Codes Calculator app from your computer or from the device where you installed it.

  • Select your stereo’s manufacturer and model.

  • Type your stereo’s serial number.

  • Hit GENERATE and wait for a moment.

  • Get the unlock code ( preferably write it down on a piece of paper, take a screen shot, or take a photo or it)

  • Turn on your car radio unit and enter the code.

Is your car radio working again? Of course it is! Just as great as it always did!

I certainly hope you have liked this app and enjoyed using it.

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