Latest Trends In Kurtis That Every Girl Should Know About

Latest Trends In Kurtis That Every Girl Should Know About

Walk with the trend and be your own kind of stylish by trying different types of Kurtis to look beautiful and trendy. You can different types of kurtis like flared kurti for college, long straight kurti for a professional look, Anarkali kurti for a wedding or some other occasion. Kurti is one of the best style statements for girls and ladies to look beautiful with a traditional look. Being trendy, these kurtis are so comfortable that you can wear it for the whole day. Since available in different patterns and designs, Kurti is the first choice for working women, college going girls, social women, and housewives as well. To get the best fit kurti, you can get your kurti stitched by online tailors.

Latest trendy Kurti designs that every girl should know about:

  1. Tail-Cut Kurti:

To look trendy and beautiful in parties, dress up yourself with the Tail cut kurti which is either short from front or back, but has a tail like effect on the opposite side. The young girls and women prefer to wear this type of kurti as it gives the look of western wear. If you want to look more stunning, then wear this kurti without any bottom.

  1. C-Cut Kurti:

The C-Cut Kurti which is so much in trend nowadays looks somewhat similar to high-low kurti. The only difference is that this type of kurti has C-shaped front hem and usually suits the tallest girls. To look bit slimmer, this kurti is the best option for you.

  1. Trail-Cut Kurti:

Trail-Cut Kurti is a little bit different from that of the C-Cut Kurti which has C-shaped cuts on the both sides of the Kurti. This kurti looks good in specific fabric like chiffon, crepe, georgette, and silk with border embroidery so as to give grace to the designer cuts. Always, consult your online tailor before buying fabric for Trail-Cut Kurti.

  1. Flared Kurti:

Flares are so much in trend these days and especially, wide flared kurtis in Anarkali look so fashionable. Flares give a gorgeous and beautiful look to the women. It looks good on the tall women; short women should avoid wearing this type of kurti.

  1. Anarkali Kurti:

To have a glance of the elegance of traditional look, Anarkali is a perfect solution for you. It is suitable for all body types. This kurti reflects the frock-style having slim fitted bottom.

  1. Gown style kurti:

The Gown style kurti is an Indian version of evening gowns. It is nowadays favourite style of Bollywood because of its royal and glamorous look. So, dress up with Gown style kurti to look beautiful and unique in festive parties, wedding parties, or pre-wedding shoots.

  1. Long straight Kurti:

Long straight kurtis are in great demand nowadays and girls who wear this kurti look taller and professional. To look stunning in this type of kurti, it is advised to avoid short sleeves as it looks good either without sleeves or with full sleeves.

If you want to get your Kurti stitched in the style you want but you don’t get time to go to the market to get the Kurtis stitched, then you can choose online tailoring services from EpitomeStitches that has a team of highly experienced and professional online tailors who are talented enough to stitch any type of Kurti.

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