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Great Lawn Care Calgary Tips on Making Your Garden Healthier and Green!

The garden in your home is lush green and beautiful. Sunlight sparkling on the grass is making it look livelier and healthier than ever before and urging you to walk on it barefooted. Yes, not only does this sound great but is also possible with simple Lawn Care Calgary tips you can work on to make you lawn look as beautiful as you can imagine.

Great Lawn Care Calgary Tips on Making Your Garden Healthier and Green!

Setting Soil

Setting soil in the ground is the core most step where preparation and planning are the key. Remove all the weeds from the area and rototill the ground so that proper absorption of the soil gets easy. Get the roller moving to level the soil. Keep the fact thing in mind that this step needs to be thorough, because once you have put the seed and sod down, there can be no changing back in putting of soil.

Whether to seed or not

Rolling out sods may look beautiful for your lawn. But let’s not forget that this is quite an expensive way especially if you have a large field to seed. On the other hand, seeding from hand is not always preferred due to its time consumption and uneven spread of seeds. As an alternate, hydroseeding approach is a time and cost effective way to seed.

Length of Mowing

Try to cut only the top third of the grass rather than cutting it short. Cutting the grass short stretches the roots and makes the ground dry faster than usual. On the other hand, mowing only a small length from the top doesn’t permits the sunlight and allows the grass to remain wet longer. Also, the weed seeds germinate faster with less sunlight.

How much to Water?

It is better to water once but deep than to water every now and then. Deep watering helps roots to extend deeper and better into the soil. Also chinch bugs, a bug that attaches itself to dried lawns, does leave the area without harming the lawn ground.

Proper Feeding

A proper lawn care in Calgary demands proper and timely feeding. Even the healthiest of lawns does require feeding at least twice a year. The most common NPK (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) fertilizers are not enough to provide feed for your grass. As per some expert gardeners, a complete set of fertilizers those that include micronutrients such as copper, iron, etc., are required for a healthy lawn care. Also, along with regular fertilizing, inclusion of lime in the soil should be practiced after some years. Regular watering and fertilizing causes soil to turn acidic, so the lime included keeps the pH value of soil in check.

Non-existence of Weeds

Weeds like dandelions and crabgrass are invaders in your lawn and not at all welcomed. Rather than using herbicides to eliminate weeds, it is better to make your grass healthier than before. The healthier the grass, the less chance the weeds have to grow up and scatter their seeds.

Air Supply

When the grass gets too compact, it becomes difficult for the oxygen supply to reach the roots. That’s when proper aeration—digging holes in the lawn especially in Calgary to improve air circulation, needs to be done. Apart from digging holes in your lawn, you can also simply stroll through wearing spiked sports shoes.

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