Layflat Hose – Best Choice For Both Commercial & Domestic Sector

Different pipes are used as per different requirements and there are some that can be used only for a certain particular purpose. In such a situation, layflat hoses are much versatile.  These hoses are easily accessible and they can be coiled and transported over long distances, as they have large storage volumes and are strong and durable in nature.

Features of Layflat Hose

They are light weight and offer high flexibility. Layflat hoses are made from synthetic polyurethane which lends it highest abrasion.

  • They also have chemical resistance which makes it ideal for transporting chemicals of all types. They are available in many colours too. It also has very low coil volume due to which it is easy to handle.
  • Since they require very less maintenance cost, they are widely used in pipe relocation, lining and rehabilitation.  
  • Layflat discharge hose is also much widely used for release, transport and sub-main lines. The sizes generally vary from 1.5 to 8 inches. If one needs larger sizes, then that can also be manufactured. PVC layflat hoses are also much popular because of their use in discharging slurry waste and also in chemical plants.

Layflat Hose - Best Choice For Both Commercial & Domestic Sector

Why Layflat Hose is Perfect for Industrial Use:

A layflat hose is light weight; it does not cost much for handling, installation and transportation purposes, which makes layflat hose one of the most economical pipes available today. It is malleable, and it can be coiled, fixed and also twisted and elongated. A layflat hose can be used for a variety of purposes, be it washing down your factory or transferring water from one location to another or even transportation of chemicals.  They are easy to handle and thus ensures complete safety and minimal wastage of materials. Moreover, they are leakage-free and durable, and they can be stored too the way you prefer. There isn’t any special storage system required for layflat hoses.

Flexibility and Weather-resistant Features:

  • A layflat hose is flexible and thus useful for all types of piping and pumping applications.
  • Layflat hoses are much stronger than any other pipes because of the strong fusion of inner and outer walls.
  • They are weather resistant and thus can be used anytime of the year.
  • They have a good resistance to chemicals and are used in chemical industries.
  • Layflat hoses are easy to be deployed and retrieved, and thus they are one of the best pipes for a wide range of applications.

Layflat Hose - Best Choice For Both Commercial & Domestic Sector

Applications of Layflat Hose

Because of its chemical resistant properties, layflat hose is widely used in industrial applications. Even in domestic sector, layflat hose is popular for water supply and other uses.

  • They are also used in the agriculture be it for drip irrigation or any other irrigation purposes. They are also extremely useful for sprinkling.
  • In forestry, layflat hoses are used for many purposes such as water supply, fire fighting and even for sprinkling.
  • In mining industry, layflat hoses are used for practically all purposes be it disposing waste water, or dewatering or pumping. It is also used for dust chute.
  • In marine industry, layflat hoses can be found to be extremely handy for supplying water to ships and even for exploring submarines. It is also easy to store the hoses in ships as it is collapsible and does not require much space when not in use.

Finally, in the construction industry, a layflat hose is required practically at every step, be it for boring, hydraulic processes and dewatering and so on. There are multiple hose suppliers whom you can consult, regarding the length, breadth and the tenacity of a layflat hose, before you buy them. So what are you thinking? just go with the leading hose manufacturers to get the best layflat hose.

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