Leaf Clearance In Autumn

Leaf Clearance In Autumn

While autumn may be one of the year’s most beautiful seasons with its range of colours, leaf clearance can be a real challenge for gardeners and homeowners when they start to pile up on your lawn. However leaf clearance is so important as this prevents your ground from suffocating. There are various ways to carry out lawn maintenance and get rid of those leaves that turn to mulch and we’ve compiled a list for you to choose from.

If you’re a stickler for manual labour and want to work up a sweat when gardening, then you’re best to stick with a manual rake. Make sure your rake has a long handle to avoid you bending down and putting out your back! Using a rake to clear dried or wet leaves from driveways or patios may prove a little tricky.

An easier way to rid your grass or garage of all those leaves and to carry out an effective patio clearing is to use a leaf blower. Powered blowers are fantastic for clearing driveways, paths and lawns. If you do decided to use a leaf blower for your garden clear up then it’s probably best to blow all the leaves into a pile before collecting them and bagging them.

One surprisingly and effective way of clearing your lawn from fallen autumn leaves is to simply use a lawn mower. Bear in mind that your mower should have vigorous suction power and have a collection bag or box. Remember to raise the height of the lawn mower if you don’t want to cut your grass!

Once you’ve finished clearing your lawn you may be wondering what to do with those leaves. Well one thing’s for certain… do not throw them out with the rest of the rubbish collected during a garden clearance. Your deciduous leaves can be collected and made into compost. Make sure you shred them or break them down, then place them in a bin liner and give them a little water to speed up the decomposition process! Secure the bag, but remember to pierce a few holes down the side of the bag. Then just store the bag or bags in your garden shed or garage for a year. I know it sounds rather foul, but by the end of it you’ll have the best compost you’ve ever used!

If you can’t handle leaf collection on your own you can hire gardeners to handle your garden waste clearance! They have all the proper tools and man power to carry out any and all garden waste removal in a time efficient manner.

Leaf Clearance In Autumn

Going the DIY route means you’ll have to have the right tools for a garden clearance and leaf collection. Choosing the right equipment may sometimes prove tricky, with such a variety to select from. So here are some basic rules. If you have a small garden or lawn you should just buy a wire rake and broom. However a larger garden will require some planning and investing in a leaf blower or push leaf sweeper. A push leaf sweeper work on wheels and as you push forward so does the machine and the leaves are pushed into a collection frame. This makes disposing the leaves very easy! For really large lawns you’d be wise to purchase a self-propelled vacuum, as you don’t want to spend your entire weekend performing leaf clearance!

There you have some ideas for effective leaf collection and lawn maintenance for those colourful and bronze autumn months. While you may love the colour of trees shedding their leaves for the winter, letting those leaves settle on your grass is not optimal and can result in the need for lawn restoration and repair come spring time.

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