Learn How To Generate A Passive Income by Purchasing Used ATM Machines

Did you ever walk into a convenience store that accepted credit cards but with an “extra fee” and you felt the need to use an ATM machine, couldn’t find one, and had to unwillingly use your card and pay that extra fees? It hurts, doesn’t it?

If you are a business owner where you get to “meet & greet” more than 200 people a day (or a “busy” business), at a place like this you could increase your sales further by placing an ATM machine.

How to own an ATM Machine?

There are tons of retailers who sell new ATM machines online and most of them usually provide great service such as –

  • general sales to placements and partnerships,
  • free shipping, and
  • competitive pricing.

As far as buying used ATM machine for sale is concerned, there are two ways to go about it:

    • Buying from a Local Business- If you know someone who is looking to sell an ATM you can buy it off from them.
  • Buying from eBay or Craigslist- You can find trusted sellers on eBay who would sell used ATM’s at affordable prices and offer shipping either included in the sale or as add-on. Craigslist is a yet another place to buy a used ATM machine.

How to Manage an ATM business?

In an ATM placement service, you are not billed for anything. The ATM providers pay for the purchase, installation, shipping, managing cash and everything else, but they also keep a bigger piece of the pie, while you earn an average of 50 cents per transaction. Another hurdle maybe that ATM placement services only occur in high-traffic business places. So, in a way it increases the pressure on you to keep up with in-store promotions. It would help even more if you make those promotions “Cash-Only”.

In an ATM Partnership, you do one of the two things – either buy or lease a machine while the ATM providers front and manage the cash, or you can switch roles as per your convenience. The terms of partnership can be discussed beforehand, usually it is a 50/50 partnership with someone you trust.

With lease-to-own type, you can get an ATM for less than $90 per month, thereby reducing your purchase costs and allows you to keep majority of the transactions. This is the easier and highly preferred method, so far.

If you don’t have an ATM at your store yet but considering to get one to gain profits or to earn a passive income, you need to first be sure that at least 3-5% of your total customers use the ATM machine per day, provided you are open for business throughout the week. In case, you are looking to replace an existing one, or trying to get a brand new machine, then you should consider consulting with companies providing used atm machines for sale  across the United States of America.

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