Life Saber Vaporizer, A Pleasant Experience

This is the Life Saber Vaporizer, or LSV, delivered by seventh Floor. This organization additionally makes the mainstream Silver Surfer, Da Buddha vapes and other dry herb vaporizer, and they all offer essentially the same artistic warming component.

How it is Extraordinary?

The LSV is extraordinary and best vaporizer, however for a couple of distinctive reasons…

To start with, it’s a handheld unit, so despite the fact that actually this eventual sorted as a “desktop” vaporizer (since it connects to for force) you need to grasp it while utilizing it. The Plenty vape is an alternate unit I’ve explored that works thusly, and I really think that it really pleasant.

The following thing that is cool about the Life Saber is that it’s basically glass. This is great in light of the fact that it helps the vapor taste clean and immaculate, however the drawback is that this vape is really delicate. Particularly the long, thin mouthpiece/wand – you have to verify you don’t smack that against any hard surface coincidentally.

What’s likewise fascinating about this vape is that you’ll get a full draw of vapor the first occasion when you take a force in the wake of joining the wand. This is not extremely regular, most natural whip-style vapes create only a light vapor for the first couple of draws and afterward normally around the third draw or thereabouts vapor creation is at its max. Beginning from your first draw the LSV is practically at full throttle.

Mixing of Herbs

You have to mix your herbs in any event more than once amid a session to guarantee that its vaped equitably. This isn’t that phenomenal yet the thing that makes this a bit badly arranged with this vape is that you need to flip around it and take out the wand to do this. The unit itself and the wand are both genuinely vast so it does take a touch of moving to do this easily (its 19″ long set up together).


Generally, the execution and vapor nature of this unit different, however the atypical outline may not suit everyone. It has some great things pulling out all the stops, and the last playing point I need to specify is its proficiency, I would consider it above-normal in this division. You can’t generally utilize a minor squeeze with it on account of the shape & size of the herb chamber, yet all it takes is perhaps 0.2g-0.3g to get a decent full session of approximately 10 great draws or something like that.

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