Limitations Of Psychological Testing

Limitations Of Psychological Testing

Psychological tests play a very important role in making diagnosis and in planning for treatment.Diagnosis signifies the determination of the nature of a person’s abnormal behavior and classification of the behavior pattern with an accepted system. Though some psychological tests and diagnosis of the learning disability can be easily done, clinical psychologists readily diagnose persons with pathological traits. A proper diagnostic program not only provides an assignment of label but also the choice for treatment.

A planning for this treatment is accordingly done, so that the maximum possible benefits can be reaped. Psychological tests such as aptitude tests are very useful in research. They are frequently used in both theoretical as well as in applied researches. With the help of such such’s a psychologist frequently investigates theoretical matters that have no immediate or obvious practical applications. Psychological tests are useful in applied areas also and there should not be any debate about the validity of testing based research findings. But in spite of having various uses psychological tests also contain limitations. Some of the important limitations are discussed below:

  • Psychological tests permanently categories the persons: On the basis of the performance of psychological tests the tastes or the examinees are given certain categories like gifted, mentally retarded, the brain damaged etc. and the authority behaves accordingly,disregarding evidence of any further change.This has a serious implication for the applicants.The applicants can definitely change, and great care should be taken in the interpretation and use of the test results.
  • Psychological tests penalize bright and creative examinees: Psychological tests are insensitive to artificial and creative responses.Such responses are not given much credit,thus providing a discrimination against the talented examinees.
  • Psychological tests represent an invasion of privacy: Psychological tests maybe an invasion of privacy, if they are used without the prior permission of the applicants to obtain personal and sensitive information.
  • Psychological tests create anxiety: Generally,it has been reported that when the assessment is to be done through psychological tests, the examiners feel nervous and anxious.And this anxiety definitely affects their performance. However the examiners who are familiar with specific types of test are less anxious than those who are familiar with the test contents.
  • Psychological assessment tests measure only limited and beneficial aspects of behavior: It is said that the psychological tests cannot measure the most important human traits. They force the examinees to take decisions based on superficial and relatively unimportant criteria.

Nothing in this world is free of limitations.And as we all know psychological testing refers to all the possible uses, applications and underlying important concepts of psychological tests. To maintain its proper uses and applications there had been an official adoption of a set of standards and rules which are still undergoing continuous review and refinement.The limitations of the psychological tests can be effectively overcome, if the instructions are followed and maintained strictly. Also recruiting an experienced test expert or an industrial or occupational psychologist can also check many of the problems experienced in organizations and industries.

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