Maintenance Tips For Off Road Fans – Wheels & Tyres

Maintenance Tips For Off Road Fans – Wheels & Tyres

After the 1980s, SUVs became very popular, an important moment in the history of the SUVs being marked by the launch of the Toyota RAV in the United States. If you are passionate about 4 × 4 traction vehicles, it means you know that any field car needs special care. Further, we want to remind you of some maintenance measures for off-road vehicles that do not work just as usual!

Whether you own a SUV (sports utility vehicle), a CUV (city), an off-road car or a crossover, in short – on any such vehicles, the tread is subject to higher demands than in road running conditions.

Maintenance Tips For Off Road Fans – Wheels & Tyres

As far as cars with at least one rigid bridge (generally the rear axle) and with a cardan transmission (the role of transmitting the motor moment without changing it between different organs) are concerned, the next aspects become imperative to follow: greasing the cardan crosses and the joints. The lubrication should be carried out periodically, preferably once every few months and necessarily after any passage through more than ten centimeters of water or when passing through muddy trails. At the same time, differential oil will only be changed according to the specifications provided by the vehicle manufacturer!

A frequent question of those who own a 4 × 4 car for a short time is related to choosing the right tyres. You need to know that various types of tyres are available for 4 × 4 vehicles. Here are some useful tips to select the most suitable profile for you, depending on the typology of the routes on which you are about to move:

Maintenance Tips For Off Road Fans – Wheels & Tyres

  • Summer tyres – designed only for the summer and for easy trails on dry roads. A good summer tyre is characterized by good braking and low consumption. On the ground they may show an inappropriate behavior, with the risk of staying in the first bog, if you do not use the inertia of the car or if you are confronted with a more rugged part where it is no longer possible to run at the average speed.
  • Winter tyres (cauciuri de iarna)- designed for cold trips, but also during autumn and spring, for mountain trails. Offers the highest traction profile on road trips.
  • all-season tyres. Considered as a compromise solution, they are only suitable if you are not looking for off-road performance.

A / T tyres (80% asphalt and 20% medium) are ideal for off-road amateur drivers and for those who appreciate the beauty of light tracks. They show a great deal of cool running in the cold season and contain the MS marking (mud & snow). When driving at high speed, they can crank relatively quickly!

Maintenance Tips For Off Road Fans – Wheels & Tyres

M / T tyres (20% asphalt, 80% rough terrain) are easily recognizable by the caracteristic cramped profile, somewhat similar to tractor wheels. One of the inconveniences of mounting such tyres is the increased fuel consumption, especially when moving from street wheels to mud wheels. Other unfavorable aspects are related to increasing rolling noise, greater braking distances on the asphalt (we recommend running at low speed!), and greater wear on asphalt…

It seems that most off-roader drivers prefer M / T BF Goodrich tyres because they offer increased road comfort and mixed performance, being perfect for rally raid fans that are not thrilled to run through muddy or sideways inclinations. Other brands from which you can buy 4 × 4 tyres are Michelin, Nexen, Tigar, Nankang, Cross Country, Simex for extreme drivers, Alligator etc. Given that moving on the macadam or running on mud surfaces, snow or sand and gravel may require getting better traction, we recommend the following: always choose a profile accordingly to the vehicle’s use mode!

When leaving the asphalt road, remove the tyre pressure. An air compressor may be helpful in this case. If the manufacturer’s indications illustrate a normal 2-bar run, then you can run off-road with 1, 7-1, 4 bar in safe conditions.

  • Always check the wheel condition after completing a route. Especially when running through gravel, mud, as there is a danger that mud or pebbles may enter between the tyre and the rim.
  • Cured mud can unbalance the wheels, which can, when driving at high speed, attract strong steering beats.
  • Wheels should be washed inside after off-road rides, especially if you are going to ride on a 100-kilometer or more carriageways.

Field-ground maintenance is performed at regular intervals or after reaching a mileage. In general, the following aspects must be checked: engine oil and differential oil, fuel, air, particle filters etc.

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