Make Your Kitchen Stylish And Functional

Every kitchen tells its own story, when you walk into someone’s kitchen you’re instantly shown more about the homeowner and their personal style. It’s so important to ensure your kitchen works for you, as it’s one of the most used rooms in the home it needs to be functional and practical for your everyday needs and desires. Sometimes, however, we can start to forget about functionality and just go each day making do with what we have. Having a functional kitchen will not only enable you to feel better about your living space, but it will also highlight your personal style and make a bold statement.

To gain a stylish, modern look to your kitchens design you need to think outside the box. There are many simple ways in which your kitchen can look modern, however there are certain things you need to take into consideration, such as straight lines. Straight lines are a key feature in any modern style kitchen, straight, clean lines enable a kitchen to look neat and crisp. Streamlined surfaces and units will stand out and highlight the kitchens style, without looking plain or dull. Having this kind of theme is perfect for anybody who isn’t as keen on fancy designs and just likes the simple, stylish look.

For functionality, it’s vital that you design your kitchen units to suit your needs. Many kitchen designers now give you the opportunity to choose your own storage, for example some cupboards may have a built in bin or different sections for you to store different items. Keeping things neat and tidy is the overall factor in ensuring your kitchen is functional as well as stylish.

You may feel that your kitchen cupboard doors aren’t as practical as you’d like. Some may not open wide enough, or maybe they don’t fit with the rest of your kitchens style. You can always look to replacing the doors, without having to change the units. If you do replace the doors, this gives you a great opportunity to add internal storage devices, or boxes to the cupboards to help you organise your items and keep them in their own place, remember there should be a place for everything in a kitchen.

If your kitchen is short on cupboard space and you don’t have very much to work with, try open shelving. Open shelving gives you the chance to store items neatly, without having to cram too much into one cupboard to ensure it has somewhere to stay. With open shelving you are also enabling yourself to have some items on display. It can add great detail to a room and adds character to the walls, also creating an illusion of more space. You can stack plates on a shelf or you could decide to place cookbooks or unique utensils, whichever you choose to do it will reflect your personality and add a nice element of style to the room.

Remember to be clever and creative, adding light colours to the room will instantly add a fresh, crisp ambience to the room. Natural lighting is also a great way to ensure your room is bright and fresh. By sticking to a lighter theme you can rest assured that your kitchen will tie together nicely, the colours will complement each other perfectly and blend together to create a positive, fresh style that will instantly help your kitchen look and feel modern and updated. By choosing to update your kitchen without necessarily changing too much you are able to create a cleaner, modern look without spending too much money in the process.

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