Making Your Home Environment Better With Help from An Aquarium

Human beings are naturally attracted to water. It is deeply rooted in our psyche, and perhaps by now has become an integral part of our DNA. For this reason, maybe, aquariums have something to do with our survival instinct.

Making Your Home Environment Better With Help from An Aquarium

There are many benefits of an aquarium that helps make a home environment better. Aquariums shouldn’t be mistaken as mere home decors that make a room lively. Instead, it is a therapeutic tool that helps solve a varied range of household problems. To feel its impact, it isn’t necessary to get a big aquarium, just a small one is sufficient to do the magic.

Moreover, according to Feng Shui, you would probably know that an aquarium in your home brings luck and money. So in case you are considering buying an aquarium, this article will give you enough reasons to do so, and if you are planning to discard your fish tank, reading this will certainly change your mind.

Scientifically Proven Benefits of an Aquarium

A phenomenal Stress Reliever

Aquariums help reduce stress. This definitely is one of the most striking benefits of having an aquarium. As revealed in many studies, watching an aquarium for just a few minutes can help reduce stress significantly. According to Allan Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D., aquariums can naturally induce a soothing effect and make the environment better in a house of stress and anxiety. “It has a calming effect similar that we feel when we hear the sound of ocean waves, tropical storms, and streams, relaxing and fascinating,” added Dr. Schwartz.

Healing Blood Pressure and Heart rate

A study conducted by experts from the National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter, showed how the heart rate of the participants dropped 3% just by looking at a tank filled with only water and rocks. The effect was enhanced when fish was added to it, bringing the heart rate down by another 7%.

Aquarium and Its Therapeutic Effects

Marine biologist Deborah Cracknell cited, “fishbowls … usually related to the trial, patients are calm in practices and dental waiting room.” It has been observed patients require fewer painkillers when there is an aquarium nearby, he mentioned.

Aquarium and Alzheimer

An interesting research by Purdue University reflected how goldfish can help reduce the disorderly behavior of people with Alzheimer disease. The study also found how aquariums helped in improving the eating habits of the patients. Patients showed less aggression and disruptive behavior, consumed more food and were overall more relaxed in the presence of an aquarium.

Aquarium, Feng Shui, and the Well-Being of your Home

It is an age-old popular practice in Feng Shui to maintain an aquarium or a fish tank. In Feng Shui it is traditionally believed, aquariums are strong repellant of negative energy. It clears energy blockages and activates luck. According to Feng Shui, aquariums, if used correctly, can bring wealth and good luck to a home. This is why aquariums or water tanks are a common feature that can be noticed at the entrance of Asian banks and business establishments.

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