Massage: Famous Techniques and Their Health Benefits

Massages are renowned for the numerous health benefits they provide and their high rejuvenating and relaxing effects. Massages are no longer a luxury as they are highly employed in hospitals and rehabilitation centers. Massages differ in terms of styles and techniques. The benefits of a massage can be enjoyed by adults and young athletes. The type of massage you settle for will be determined by your personal taste and the health benefits you want to obtain.

Below is a list of the famous techniques and their health benefits:

The Swedish Massage

Also known as the classic relaxation massage, the Swedish massage is the most popular type of massage and is also the most commonly employed. Most spas offer this type of massage. This massage is also commonly used for individuals who have never had a massage before. A Swedish massage will consist of at least 5 basic strokes that include: Petrissage, Friction, Effleurage, Tapotement, and Vibration. Massage oil or lotion will be utilized to lower friction.

The health benefits of the Swedish massage include; revitalization, relaxation, dissolving of adhesion in scar tissue, releases tension in muscles and improves circulation of blood and lymph.

The Foot Reflexology

This type of massage is based on the idea that there are particular regions in our feet that function as reflexes to different body parts. A reflexology will involve the use of thumbs or fingers to stimulate these reflexes. The foot reflexology works best for individuals who enjoy having their tired and sore feet stroked. For that unique experience, you may consider requesting for a foot bath before your session begins. Other reflex points that this massage can be performed include ears and hands.

Health benefits of this type of massage include; relaxation, pleasure, it helps you obtain benefits that are equivalent to those of a full body massage. However, these health benefits are not clinically proven.

The Hot Stone Massage

Warm basalt stones are combined with warm oil to massage the entire body. These smooth stones are heated to a little over 100 degrees and then placed on back and shoulders muscles.

This massage has numerous health benefits. It very effective in sedating and relaxing and is recommendable for insomnia patients. The heat released by the stones reduces tight muscles and help improve blood circulation.

The Tantric Massage

This massage is a unique blend of spiritual energy and traditional massage techniques. This famous type of massage is very popular among couples, especially in Hong Kong where it is employed to assist couples to get close together.

The idea behind the tantric massage is the activation of chakras (these are the 7 energy centers in the human body). Chakras are found along the spine and this massage will align them and they consequently release the energy stored within and also let the blocked energy to separate and flow to all body parts. This energy will diffuse from the base of the spine and increase in all other body parts.

The Deep Tissue Massage

The deep tissue massage consists of a series of various massage techniques that are employed to manipulate the deep layers of muscle and fascia tissue. The massage targets muscles that have chronic pain, are strained or have posture problems.

Health benefits of this type of massage include; relaxation, helps lower inflammation and pain, and in the treatment of injuries. It can also be administered jointly with other types of massage therapies like Myofascial Release or Trigger Point Therapy. This massage can be painful.

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