Mistakes Made In Choosing A Training Course For Becoming A VOSA MOT Tester

If you are thinking about becoming a VOSA MOT Tester, this is a big step in your career. It will give you the platform to offer one of the most sought after auto services, which will in turn make you more employable and allow you to make a higher profit level.

To become a qualified MOT Tester, you will need to take a training course, and there is nothing more frustrating than paying for a course that was not worth your time. Instead, you want to give yourself the greatest chance of passing the exam first time around. Read on to discover some of the most common mistakes made while selecting a training course for becoming a MOT Tester.

Mistakes Made In Choosing A Training Course For Becoming A VOSA MOT Tester

  • Mistake 1 – Failing to enquire about the course’s success rate. One of the most important things you need to do is discover the success rate of the course. You certainly don’t want to waste your cash on a training course, if the majority of students have failed to get the qualifications they require.
  • Mistake 2 –Not considering the type of learning environment that is best suited to you. One of the main reasons why so many people fail examinations is because they are learning in an environment that is not suited to them. There are so many training courses available nowadays, and thus you should be able to find one that is suited to your requirements, whether this is one-on-one tuition or learning in a small class.
  • Mistake 3 –Not taking any NTTA practise exams. One of the most effective ways of ensuring you are ready for the NTTA exam is to take practise questions from previous years’ exams, or questions that have been based on those that are similar to the examination. This will give you a good idea of where you are at and if you are ready to take the exam. You need to ensure this is something the training course offers.
  • Mistake 4 –Choosing a course based on price alone. You will end up costing yourself much more money in the long run if the course you select is of a poor quality or does not teach the right curriculum for the exam. Consider all other aspects first and then let price be the final determining factor.
  • Mistake 5 Taking a course without meeting the eligibility criteria. There are strict requirements in place for anyone who wants to become a MOT Tester. You must be of good repute, be nominated by an examiner that is MOT-approved, have at least four years of full-time experience, have a full and current UK driving licence, and have no unspent convictions for criminal offences involve violence as well as acts that are connected to the motor trade or MOT testing scheme.

Learn from the mistakes that have been made by others and make sure you avoid the five points that have been mentioned when it comes to taking a training course to be a qualified VOSA MOT Tester.

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