Nail The Floral Trend This Summer

Nail The Floral Trend This Summer

Our wardrobe goes through a massive change whenever summer arrives. Not only do the sizes and styles change, so do the colors. We bid farewell to everything dark and dreary, and bring forth the beginning of a colorful and glorious era. Summer is known for its myriad hues and tones. Light and tropical colors are soothing to the eye and the soul, and it is no wonder that in summer, we see all kinds of vibrant designs.

This summer, it might be a good idea to go floral. Flowers are fresh, rejuvenating and happy at the same time. The feeling that we get when we see flowers in full bloom cannot be recreated and substituted. And this summer, it is only smart to wear flowers up your sleeves – quite literally.

Carma Online provides great options for all kinds of styles, and they have exquisite offers when it comes to floral prints. We have put together a flowery list just for this reason:

1. Maxi Dress

One of the most popular fashion trends nowadays is that of a maxi dress. And the best part is that maxi dresses suit most body types and prints. One of the best examples of maxi dresses available in floral print is the grey printed maxi dress by designer Nikasha. It is subtle and soothing at the same time; plus, the multicolored flowers give the outfit vibrancy.

2. Tunic

Another fascinating trend that has hit the market this summer is the trend for tunics. There are so many ways in which the designers today are experimenting with this form of clothing. In fact, famous designers today are also concentrating on changing the look of their signature outfits. So, along with Manish Malhotra sarees, it is time to witness the brilliant pattern the designer has come up with in his new ivory printed asymmetric tunic. The big and deep-colored flowers across the fabric add to its ethnicity and the rich color adds a royal element to the entire composition.

3. Traditional Wear

When it comes to more traditional ethnic wear, there are designs, which are more festive in nature. Full-fledged Varun Bahl anarkali sets are some fine examples. The peach and grey ombre anarkali set is grand in its appearance. The bunch of flowers made on its torso adds to its overall glory. It is a magnificent, yet subtle ensemble.

4. Kaftan

Another great fashionable attire is Kaftan. Especially in summer, this proves to be a great relief when it comes to the blistering heat. Loose and flowing, it is refreshing to wear a Kaftan on a hot day. It is also a sight for sore eyes because of its texture and chic style. One of the styles by designer Nikasha will take your breath away. The big floral pattern on the beige grey printed Kaftan with the cowl skirt is perfect for an outing in the summer. It is not only new, but also elegant at the same time.

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