Not So Obvious Way To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Not So Obvious Way To Increase The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

When it comes to improving the curb appeal of a home, little things make a large impact. There a few things any homeowner can do that ranges from simple to a bit involved that will allow your home to become the shining star of the neighborhood like it deserves.

Door Care

The front door of a home gives the first impression and also reflects the home’s interior. Regularly shine door fixtures with metal polish and all clean dirty spots around the knob. Install a custom wood door or paint it a vibrant color to give the home an easily detectable pop and choose a wreath or similar door decor to add tasteful flair. Use molding around the top and sides of the door to make the draw attention to the front door with contrast.

Use Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting fixtures create a welcoming effect on the walking path to the home and also provide accent lighting to surrounding trees. Outdoor lighting fixtures also provide security and safety while adding significant appeal to the home. Use low-voltage lighting and use solar fixtures if it is not possible to use lighting that requires wiring.

Don’t Forget About the Concrete

Concrete is one of the most durable materials in home construction, but driveways, porches and walkways also require regular maintenance to avoid decreasing the value of the home. Concrete should be regularly cleaned and sealed to dramatically improve a home’s curb appeal. Remove any straggling weeds creeping onto the sidewalk and repair any stains or cracks in the concrete. Resurfacing concrete on the walkway and providing a stone or brick border provides a tasteful but appealing accent. And I know what you’re thinking (because I first thought the same thing): there’s companies that specialize in this? Yes! Plently! Like Concrete Craft and others that are a simple google search away.

Utilize Greenery

Plant greenery in the front of the house, at the front corners of the yard and along walkways and driveways. An asymmetrical arrangement works best with most landscapes to create a simple, yet dynamic effect for improving curb appeal. Creating a custom garden with varied contrasting plants of your own choosing or purchasing containers from a garden center are both effective. Regular maintenance is important; pruning, weed-pulling and replacing mulch is important to avoid a disheveled look.

Hardware Maintenance

Make sure that house numbers, light fixtures, door fixtures and the mailbox are clean, in great repair and match each other for the best curb appeal. Brushed nickel fixtures work best with contemporary homes, and oiled-bronze fixtures complement traditional homes.


Symmetric front-door accents and light fixtures please the eye and help to create a welcoming entryway. Use two sidelights by the door, and make sure that these fixtures do not clash with urns and door hardware.

Overall Exterior Maintenance

Replace older gutter systems with copper snap-fit vinyl gutter systems to quickly change the overall appearance of a home. Remedy everyday defects such as rotting or cracked areas on the exterior of the home, and apply a fresh coat of paint to the siding, trim and shingles to provide a definitive vibrant look to a home. Regularly treat porch railings with wood treatments and metal cleaner. Replace the railings entirely if they are outdated or does not respond well to treatment.

A homeowner should always decorate the home exterior in a way that speaks to their aesthetic; but it is important that all material, color, detail, design and scale complement the main features of the home. Keeping this in mind will give a homeowner freedom of expression while being able to rest assured that any improvements and additions are also boosting the home’s curb appeal.

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