Online Reputation Services and Google Analytics

Often times, start-up companies and companies managed by individuals that aren’t familiar with the evolution of technology will jump on the Google Analytics band wagon before doing their research. Although most people know doing their research before investing in a long-term good or service is essential, few do it when it comes time to invest. Online Reputation Services is an internationally known online reputation management company. The innovative and ambitious company is known for going against the status-quo. Why? Because Online Reputation Company does their research.

One of the biggest misconceptions of using Google Analytics is that it is free. On the contrary, if a business like Online Reputation Services is at its sales peak, it needs to be able to track every move a potential consumer makes and all web traffic. To be more specific, in using Google Analytics, you are giving them all your company’s information and information about your clients and traffickers.

Take a look at the larger picture: Google Analytics is toll that has been developed by Google for businesses to track their web traffic. At the same time, Google is gathering that information to create their own master archive on web traffic information that is associated to certain key words like the name of your business. As a result, Google’s search results are influenced by the “private” information using their analytics tool. Google can use your information to influence your company’s search results under their algorithms which can ultimately make you pay a price one day.

Thus, Online Reputation Services does not use Google Analytics because they do not believe that it is free. In fact, they feel used and want to keep their customer and potential clientele information private. Before using a particular platform with private information in it, Online Reputation Company highly encourages research and time spend understanding the pros and cons of all the potential platforms.

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