Opt For The Super-Clean Propane-Powered Engine With The ProGo 3000

What makes propane-powered scooters so doubtlessly superior

Opt For The Super-Clean Propane-Powered Engine With The ProGo 3000

Should you be eager to keep pace with the ever-unstoppable progress, the ProGo 3000 will amaze you right where you stand. Still thinking whether or not to stick to your bulky and burdensome electric scooter? Then maybe it’s just the time you try and switch to the green power of a propane scooter!

Lots of contemporary forum threads discuss the true nature of electric power – and, surprisingly as it might sound to you, do not find it as “clean” as it believed to be. Just imagine all those huge coal-burning power plants that poof immense amount of carbon dioxide in the air along with toxic products and harmful substances resulting from the burning process. The ProGo 3000’s exhaust is next to nothing – today it is possible to own a scooter that makes a lesser impact on the environment than you.

Moreover, anyone who has owned an electricity-powered scooter for a relatively long time won’t argue with the convenience of interchangeable cylinders. However good is the battery of your carrier it has its capacity as well as lifetime: if the latter just requires expensive replacements year after year, the former can leave you bereft of mobility right in the middle of the city.

Eco-Friendly or not – that was just the question of comparative harmfulness for the electric scooter, which had had to coexist with gasoline-powered personal carriers. And what of now? When you have the ProGo 3000 at hand that is capable of whisking you anywhere you want without requiring ecological sacrifices… For many young people, the choice is obvious.

The benefits of propane as a fuel: the pressurized might

Opt For The Super-Clean Propane-Powered Engine With The ProGo 3000

Sure, for many people who still can’t get used to the tendency toward miniaturization the 25cc engine of the ProGo 3000 scooter may seem an astonishingly small thing. And yet, exactly this part makes the ProGo 3000 capable of carrying you at 20 miles per hour for as long as 2 hours. All you need to do is to press the thumb throttle – and your personal scooter will shrink distances and haul baggage just like you want it to!

Asking for a little bit more than half a kilo of propane per cylinder, the ProGo 3000 is incomparably cheaper in operation than any other scooter. Of course, you will need to live in an area rich in propane filling stations; alternatively, you might like to own several of those cylinders. And even with an extra cylinder on board the ProGo 3000 remains the most mobile and lightweight personal carrier to date.

Gas fuel means mobility in the first place; the engine of the propane-powered vehicle does not require the carburetor as well as winterizing. Choking, coughing and smoky scooters are left in the past – today’s propane scooter is what you need to remain on the wave of the frugal energetic and eco-friendliness. Opting for better future does not mean you need to trail behind the others – choose a swift and enjoyable ride with the ProGo 3000 instead!

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