Out Of The BoxIndian Wedding Couple Photography Ideas

Out Of The BoxIndian Wedding Couple Photography Ideas

A wedding is regarded as one of the greatest milestones in one’s life. A wedding album is the most precious keepsake for a couple. On a usual basis, most photographers and couples stick to some poses that are universally accepted and loved for years at marriage halls in Gurgaon. But, off late, many have started to make some fun additions too. The risk is to be fun, experimental and bring out everything that lies between you two. Make it serious but also make it light-hearted, which would add more flavour to your wedding album.

A marriage is a celebration of love, bonding and togetherness. So why cut a boring picture on your big day when you can frame all the craziness and fun you’ve had at your wedding.Here we’ve got some funny, quirky, interesting Indian wedding couple photography ideas for you!

The Romantic Hug

Out Of The BoxIndian Wedding Couple Photography Ideas

What’s more romantic then a warm hug between a couple, right? A hug does not only symbolise love and affection between couples but is also a sign of security, assurance and the chemistry that a couple share. The hug is no doubt one of the most romantic and cute-looking wedding poses that a couple can engage in, just make sure you have a surrounding which adds to the pose. Let the groom hold the bride or let the bride hold the groom from the back, both are endearing and lovesome!

The classic Standing Pose

Another classic Indian pose that is never a miss! The photographer can simply capture the moment as the couple stands talking to each other whether its day time or at sunset. You can be in the midst of some fields or under the lights of a tree, the camaraderie between you two is what will make this an exquisite memory to fall back on. Holding hands, looking into each other’s eyes, arms around the waist, or making some fun gestures, are some of the variations that can add more charm to this elegant pose.

The Dance of Love

Out Of The BoxIndian Wedding Couple Photography Ideas

The real talent of the photographer is seen while he captures the perfect moments as the couple dances. A dance is an informal celebration of all that love, affection and devotedness that exists between a couple. Show some beautiful emotions, smile and be lost in each other’s arms, as your photographer clicks you making a complete masterpiece out of the delicate moment. A must try for a couple, isn’t it?

The First Kiss

This is something new that is catching up among Indian couples, and is clearly inspired by western weddings. It can be a tricky task to capture the couple’s first kiss. The picture must look very romantic without appearing vulgar at all. The photographer should know just when to click the moment which will go on to become an embodiment of the deep bond that exists between you two!

Sharing Happiness and Sorrow

A crazy and fun-loving pose that will speak volumes about all that real stuff that exists between a couple through some light-hearted and touching gestures. The shot clearly portrays the beautiful relationship that the couple shares. Both of them promise to laugh and cry together throughout the journey of a lifetime.

Who is stronger? You or I?

Every couple must give a try this unique wedding album pose. It is such a fun and full of life pose that will make you gush and blush when you try to give that perfect shot. Usually the man is seen carrying his woman but to give it that different flavour let the bride carry the groom and let them laugh back together when they look back at it later in life!

The Fighting Couple

It is a fun pose that every couple must try out to bring that element of zing and more spring in their wedding photographs. The photograph will portray the fun and the cute side that every couple shares. After all, what’s love without the fights, right?

The Crazy and Fun Loving Couple

The couple that drinks together stays together. This pose will clearly depict it. Share a drink as you both get lost in the wilderness of a lovely background, it could be anything – two glasses of beer, wine, champagne or may be a Jack Daniel bottle! You would do all this more as you get married so why not show it in a pose? Try this out and create some fun moments!

The Umbrella in the Beach

A simple silhouette of the couple face to face holding an umbrella on the beach while there is light thrown in to give their silhouettes a form, we would say absolutely brilliant! Reminds us of those Mughal era silhouette paintings of the prince and the princess. One of the loveliest Indian wedding couple photography ideas, agree?

The Vintage Bye-Bye

Say hello from the back of an old topless vintage car. Looks classy, feels cool and you’d look like a royal couple on a ride through the streets. Wave goodbyes to your friends and family with this memorable pose from the back of a Buick or a beetle with its top down. Complete it with a couple of fancy wedding car decorations on the boot! It will be one splendid shot!

Magical Monochrome

Black and white pictures speak volumes and one such picture is definitely a must in your wedding album. A black and white picture taken while exchanging your vows or when you are doing a puja together makes it not only fascinating but also timeless. It is a classic capture of the most beautiful day of your life and the sacredness of the wedding traditions.

It is important to note that all of the ideas and suggestions detailed above leave plenty of room for adaptation and experimentation. If you are ten days away from getting married; there is an idea for you here and if you are celebrating a few successful years of commitment; there is something for you too. As your well-wishers, our primary agenda is to help every couple document their relationship with some gorgeous photographs.

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