Pawnbrokers Reinvented and The New Way To Discover Antique Treasure!

Do you know the real value of your assets? Read on and we discuss how using a modern day pawnbroker can help you discover hidden treasure!

Hidden Treasure

Pawnbroker Mark Manning was skeptical when he was approached with a plastic bag full of antiques alleged to be from the Titanic. He took a punt and paid 15k for the lot, and what a treasure trove he discovered! Because the relics proved to be worth more than 1.2 million GBP when they were valued by antiques dealers.

Modern Pawnbroking

The story has shone a light on the modern pawnbroking industry, which makes it easy to secure loans against your valuable assets. Experts are suggesting that the new pawnbroking industries created by startups like unbolted are also redefining related industries and industry processes, for example the valuation of antiques.

Generations ago, going to the pawnbrokers was something you only did if you were desperate for cash, so people would never really have associated going to the pawnbrokers with getting a genuine valuation on assets that you have. Now though this has all changed, and you can get a quick and easy valuation on the real value of an asset you have, turning this into cash by way of a loan secured on fair terms.

Other Myths Surrounding Old Style Pawnbroking

The emergence of new generation system of pawnbroking has put pad to several other myths surrounding the pawnbroking industry, for example the notion that you don’t get a fair deal on your valuables, the notion that you won’t ever see you stuff again or the idea that pawnbroking is only for desperate people.

Research suggests that as much as 85% of items pawned in new generation pawnbrokers are eventually reunited with their owners.

Moreover research also suggests that new generation pawnbroking actually provides much more transparency and a much better deal for the customers. Nowadays you can get as much as 80% of the value of an asset advanced, on fair and reasonable terms.

Modern pawnbroking is also bucking a few trends surrounding antiques. It is no longer the case that you can only cash in on a valuable antique by selling it to some obscure dealer in a dusty old shop, the other side of the world. These days your assets are much easier to convert into cash. All you have to do is use one of the new pawnbroking sites like Unbolted to get an idea of how much you can get for your item (gold loan, watch, car etc) and then the cash is sent through to you quickly and easily, with fair, reasonable terms for the reclaiming of the asset.

More Stories of Modern Pawnbroking

The new generation of pawnbroking is being showcased on several TV channels at the moment, with the day-to-day operation of modern pawnbrokers being featured on mainstream TV for the first time in the UK.

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