PC Optimizer Pro: The Best PC Optimization Software

PC Optimizer Pro is taking the PC optimization work by storm. From the house of Xportsoft Technologies, the software is used by millions of users around the world for restoring, reviving, and restructuring the way they work around Windows.

Developed with the objective to make a Windows PC faster, safer, and better, PC Optimizer Pro performs an array of cleaning activities in an efficient manner. The feature-rich and comprehensive software make use of high-end digital graphics, free-flowing navigation, elegant yet easy-to-use graphical user interface, an advanced programming language. The Windows tool comes with a range of features on board that includes:

1.Universal Fixer

One of the best features of PC Optimizer Pro, Universal fixer helps in eliminating Windows registry. Using the feature, you can make your PC clutter-free by removing junk files, invalid entries, broken shortcuts, and much more.

2. Startup Manager

The startup manager of this software lets you disable/remove unwanted programs from the start up of your PC in an attempt to give your Windows a faster run. With each unwanted program removed from startup, you get a boost in PC speed along with better throughput from your Windows machine.

3. File Shredder

This is another best tool of the PC Optimizer Pro allowing you to delete your sensitive data permanently. Files deleted with the help of this tool can never be restored even by using any recovery software. Therefore, this tool is one of the most proficient security measures you can use to assure that your personal data and files can never be misused without your knowledge.

4. Program Uninstaller

Allowing you to uninstall unnecessary programs from your PC without any hassle, the tool is really easy to operate. Using it, you can even uninstall stubborn program jamming space of your system.

5. Restore Backup

With the help of this tool, you can undo the action of registry cleaning executed by your the last time. Therefore, in case any important info or data you lost due to registry cleaning can be recovered with the help of this tool.

What Makes PC Optimizer Pro Stand Out:

  • Easy to use and install
  • Offering high-performance scan
  • Auto Updated
  • Efficiently cleans unwanted data hogging your system
  • Speeding up your PC
  • Able to fix invalid application paths, and much more
  • Accelerates Windows startup and shutdown
  • Supports multiple languages


PC Optimizer Pro is the Swiss army knife for cleaning all the junk taking valuable space of your PC. It takes care of your PCs health and makes it run like new. It is a proficient PC speed up software that helps in reviving the complete look and feel of your machine by fixing umpteen issues like registry entries, internet junk, broken shortcuts, junk files, and then some. This is just a bit of the software. To know all about the PC Optimization tool, one must give it a whirl and check from his own.

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