Places To Visit In Karnataka

This South-Western state of India is worth giving a visit. Read on to know more about the place…

Karnataka is close to the Arabian Sea and the Laccadive Sea, which give the state beautiful beaches. The unpopulated beaches and rich heritage is one of the reasons why this place is filled with tourist. Kannada is the main language spoken in Karnataka, and if you pick up few important words of the language, it will be easier for you to communicate with the locals while travelling. This state is known for its natural and cultural heritage and there are plenty of cities you should visit while in Karnataka.

  • Bangalore: The capital of Karnataka is well-known for a lot of things. It is often known as the Silicon Valley of India due to it being a major IT exporter in India. This is the 3rd most populated city in the country. Bangalore is now known by its Kannada name that is Bengaluru, which means The City of Guards. There are tons of temples, palaces, lakes, forts and some modern fun places to visit while in Bangalore.
  • Mysore: The city is the cultural capital of Karnataka and has a rich history attached to it. You will see various temples, forts, old churches and palaces when in Mysore. Don’t forget to pick some beautiful handicrafts and Indian artistic works from this city. If you want to experience the rich heritage of India from down south, then you should visit this city while on a trip to Karnataka.

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  • Mangalore: Located between Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats, Mangalore is considered to be India’s 8th most clean city. Mangalore is famous for the amazing beaches and hills in the city. Besides this, you can visit some temples and monuments of olden days too.

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  • Hampi: Located within Vijaynagar, Hampi is one of the most important historical sites across the world. The city is filled with magnificent buildings and sites, which show architectural brilliance of the Vijaynagar rulers. It is flooded with some awe-inspiring temples and pilgrims, which attract a lot of tourists. This is one place you cannot miss if you are a history geek.

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  • Coorg: The native name of Coorg is Kodagu and is located on the slopes of Western Ghats. It is famous for the hills and lush greenery with pleasant climate. This important agricultural town is well-known for its coffee and paddy fields. If you enjoy nature, then you should spend some time in Coorg. You will find various species of flora and fauna here. Besides that, Coorg has several Buddhist monasteries, temples and other attractions.

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  • Hubli: The small town Hubli is one of the fastest growing cities after the capital Bengaluru. It is also referred to as Chota Mumbai. Various temples, lakes and gardens are a must visit in the city.

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Karnataka has always been an important region since the time of ancient southern kingdoms. The pristine and incredible locations and the fact that it is one of the cleanest states in India make Karnataka a desirable place for vacationing. So make your list, pack your bags, book your train ticket and train food service online and visit this marvellous state.

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