Pros And Cons Of Supply Chain Security

Some people in the business world overlook the supply chain when it could be an extremely useful solution to a variety of problems. People aren’t clear as to what it does or don’t feel comfortable using their systems and it can therefore, be a valuable resource that isn’t utilized. Even the words themselves suggest a complicated matter with far too many moving parts for their liking, but there are ways to understand it better. We attempt to address one factors of the supply chain in this article by addressing the cyber security measures taken by the company’s involved in the chain.

The Rules 

When it comes to regulations, there is a lot of pressure being put on all governments to impose some strict standards. Protection of everyone’s hard work and dedication is of the utmost importance. As time goes by, we learn which rules have made the most positive impacts and which ones are just slowing the whole machine down. However, it’s still a good sign that, for the most part, they are being enforced across all different levels of the business. The specifics are not as important for someone just looking to learn the basics of supply chain, but suffice to say, there are a lot of people looking out for everyone involved and their best interest. This involves both sides of the equation being held accountable for their actions.


When determining how to go about both complying with the laws and implementing your own strategies into reality, you need to assess exactly how your company functions in the marketplace. How big of a target are you, how likely are you to need heavy security measure enforced at all times? Knowing how other companies in your sector have done it in the past or are doing it now could lead to some inspiration.

Your biggest goal will be to have accountability for all employees in respect to their specific duties. You can also look to consultants to help you determine how to go about keeping up with all of the moving parts. Keeping the proper paperwork and truly understanding the whole process can save you a lot of headache in the future, so establishing everything upfront is pivotal to make the integration seamless. Understand how much information you’ll have access to from every party and what their rules and policies are before being surprised later on.


Risk and security go hand in hand, so arm yourself with all of the facts. Understand your vendors and partners as absolute best you can before jumping into anything. The right working relationship takes time to develop, and this is a major investment from every angle. This doesn’t mean you have to halt progress while searching for perfection since you may never find it, but it does mean not jumping into anything. Do thorough reviews on a regular basis just in case management changes or the like causes quality issues. Do your best to cover the most likely scenarios you’ll be faced with, so you can accurately predict how everything will play out.

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