PTZ Dome Camera Buying Guide For Your Home

PTZ Dome Camera Buying Guide For Your Home

PTZ dome cameras offer unmatched protection against theft and vandalism for people and businesses. It offers maximum coverage and the cameras are covered in tinted dome cases so that people will not be able to know the direction of the view point of the camera. Dome cameras are available in different styles like outdoor, indoor, Infrared, IP, PTZ and vandal proof. The reason to choose dome cameras is very simple. They are easy to be installed and stay away from the eyes of the people while ensuring to monitor larger area.

Advantages of PTZ cameras

Dome security camera has the facility to cover larger area as they can rotate in different directions.  The dome cameras has glass coverings or tinted plastic this way people will not know in which direction the camera is facing at the said time. Moreover the camera is small in size and so you can easily place it anywhere and it will easily blend with the surrounding without looking as an odd one. The dome cameras can even view the surrounding with 360 degree view. You can even have them as a wireless security camera system.

By going for PTZ dome camera powered by Reolink, you will be able to have a better view of the surrounding while tilting, panning and zooming the image. In the recent years, PTZ dome cameras have very much replaced the normal stationary cameras available in the market. These kinds of cameras can do the job of tracking objects, detecting motion and then zooming it for a better view.

Other types of dome cameras

When it comes to choosing the security cameras for your home you need to find the right type of camera which can fulfil the needs of your security system. Different security cameras come with different needs and you need to find quality cameras. Such kind of cameras comes with features which are capable to offer you the best surveillance.

Indoor and outdoor

Indoor cameras are specially designed to capture the activities within the home or office premises. They don’t have the features which can help them withstand changing weather conditions. On the other hand, the cameras for the outdoor have the capacity to withstand the changing weather conditions and fluctuating temperature. There are a few kinds of dome cameras which you can use for both indoor and outdoor use.

IP- Internet Protocol

Do you want to safeguard a remote location and ensure that it is safe through your smartphone? You can make use of IP dome cameras for the same. This means you can connect your cameras on the internet and view the recording from anywhere. The non-IP cameras can be connected to a digital video recorder and you can view the recording there.


If you want to keep an eye at a location at night the best option you can have is a PTZ dome camera with infrared lights. Such kinds of camera come with IR light emitting diodes, which have the capacity to capture image even in the total darkness. It comes with lights which are not normally visible to the normal eyes.  You can have them for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Vandal proof

The cameras especially the ones located outside your home should have to be strong. PTZ dome cameras for outdoor security are strong and they have the capability to prevent themselves from any damage. This is important as the intruders want to damage the camera in order to ensure that cameras do not become the proof of their act. Vandal proof cameras are strong and have the capability to withstand any attack.

PTZ dome camera can be the best thing that you can do for your home security. By choosing the right one and investing a bit of money in it you will be able to have a better and safe life.

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