PVC Cladding – For An Enhanced Styling In The House

A perfect planning is required to have a well decorated interior and a perfect interior is the reflection of the resident’s taste. This is why people invest a lot of money in giving the perfect look and feel to their houses. Well not only the homes but this same reason can be applied to even workspaces too. As the trends and designs change with time people are likely to experiment modern methods of interior decoration. This adds both aesthetics and functionality to the homes and offices. While planning for interior decoration the wall cladding pays as much importance as adding furniture to the spaces or installing lightings in the premises. Earlier in Falkrik people used to cover the walls with conventional paints and wall papers but those days are gone. Now the PVC cladding in Falkrik has become one appreciating featured item to design the home interior with. A number of homeowners are now opting for such PVC panel installation for interior wall cladding because of its smart and elegant appearance and cost effective materials.

 For a perfect makeover to your office or home interior you should know why it is better to opt for PVC panels over any other alternatives:

PVC Cladding - For An Enhanced Styling In The House

  •  Universal character: You can settle the PVC panel either horizontally or set it up vertically or install it as per your preference and suitable for the design. It’s fit for both on the walls and the ceilings.
  • Durability: this kind of cladding item doesn’t fade away easily and the color remains as same as new. Being water and insect proof there is no worry of termites eating away into your PVC panel cladding, as usually happen with the wood. All these facts and features giving the PVC cladding longer life than that of a wooden cladding or tiles and marbles.
  • Easy installation: Usual weight and measurement of such cladding is almost 3.5-4kgs per square meter and it is easy to install and handle.
  • Incredible variety: PVC cladding comes with a variety of colors and patterns. Most people use bold colors of cladding to blend with the whole color scheme and designs of the interior. The mix and match being the trend to give unique and creative touch to the space, this kind of cladding is absolutely best option.
  • Low maintenance: Forget scrubbing, power washing and all the toil! PVC panels are very easy to maintain. You can simply wipe them clean with a piece of damp cloth and keep them shining as brand new for years.
  • Insulation: PVC panels function on insulating the home interior which is useful to keep the temperature inside the room. This function increases the efficiency of air conditioners and room heaters as well.
  • Flame resistance: This kind of cladding is featured with fire resistant materials and it is resistant up to 60 degrees. Whether fixed n the wall or on the ceilings it will provide you 100 % first class fire rating.  After removing the source of fire this product becomes self extinguishable as it doesn’t burn by itself.
  • Water resistance: Being 100% water resistant your worry of having damp walls and ceilings will be gone and you don’t need to worry anymore even for the bathroom walls.

So now replace your damaged tiles with PVC cladding or install in your new residential or commercial space.

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