Refurbishing Home? Start With Faucets

Why is it that when we think about renovating our home, we seem to pay less attention to the instrument, around which our daily chores revolve? Faucets!

Right from brushing our teeth, to cooking, cleaning vegetables & pouring a glass of water, it’s one of the most important and underrated device in our home. Yet while building a home or renovating it, we tend not to pay much heed to the characteristics of faucets, shower-heads. Using faucets made from materials that are easily corroded is detrimental to health.Similarly, there are certain key points to take into account when buying a faucet:



Quality will always be preferred over quantity and when it comes to something that is as significant as a faucet, you must always shop from the specified & recognized sellers instead of online stores or big box stores. Check for products that provide adequate water pressure and has no dripping issues or loose handles.

ISO Certification:

Manufacturers that pay attention to customer’s requirement and deliver accordingly don’t just have customers, they build-up ardent followers. The organization that keeps check on the quality management system of the product is IS0 9001. ISO inspects whether or not the manufactured products does what it says without compromising on quality aspects like low efficiency, potential hazards, manufacturing defects. It enables the organisation to deliver standard products and continuously work on the lacking area, if any.

Before buying a faucet, make sure the brand is certified by the latest ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System.

Area and Purpose:

There would be distinct factors to look into while buying faucets for your washroom and for those to be installed in the kitchen. For kitchen you would be requiring a water-source through which you can easily clean vegetable as well as fill-in the vessels, like curved-elongated handled faucets. For better reach at wider kitchen sinks you can also buy pull-out or drop- down faucets. For washroom, you must look for faucets that are within the reach of people using it. Single-handed faucets are generally used for family with senior citizens and kids as they are convenient.


Choosing a faucet made from a material possessing no potential health hazard should be your utmost priority. Drinking water out of faucets that easily corrode or have electroplating that wears off quickly can lead to severe health problems like stunting physical & mental growth or reducing the capability of learning, especially in the regions supplying hard water.

Faucets made out of plastics or the ones coated with brass-chrome shouldn’t be bought.

Look for faucets made from stainless steel, solid brass. They might cost you extra bucks but they are a long-term beneficial investment.

Apart from the aforementioned factors, there are several other aspects to look into like temperature balance, using ball valve instead of the traditional compression valves with plastic/ rubber washers Black Mango that would need replacement every now and then. Technical advancement has also led to manufacturing of faucet that have in-built filtration system. You always have a choice to look for instruments that are identifiable with your style and yet don’t compromise on the functionality.

So the next time you plan on giving your condo a makeover do not forget the basic yet substantial device i.e. faucet.

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