Robert Sambol – Focusing On Running A Winning Restaurant Business

Restaurant business or hospitality sector for that matter is the sector where communicative skills are in great demand. Having a robust and cheerful demeanor of handling guests in these two sectors would make a great deal of positivity to rush in here. But if someone is not sure of the way to conduct a business, then he should rather consult an expert or a veteran in this field and learn the ways. After all in a business, where money is involved, a little bit of carelessness is surely going to hurt a great deal.

Restaurants are the places where people come to eat, drink, and relax and therefore starting from the ambiance to the interiors, to the decorum of the staff members, everything matters. The guests who would come to a restaurant for the first time might not really know much about the restaurant, but they might wish to come back again if the service is good and the food is great.

This is what Robert Sambol understood when he started learning about the business of managing a restaurant. He found that people had different perceptions about a restaurant or a dish and if they liked something, they might talk about it, but if they did not like it, then they would also bad-mouth it. This means that the restaurants need to be careful and each and every staff member from the door-man to the waiter, to the bartender to even the floor manager and of course, the chef, take their work seriously.

Restaurant business is one energetic venture when the work begins the moment the shutter gets opened and continues till the time the shutter goes down every day. Still while it is difficult to find people working in this hectic schedule, it will still be quite a task of managing people all through the day.

When the going might get tough, staff members might try to take a break and unless they have a good leader, they would find it difficult. Only under the experienced leadership of people like Robert Sambol can people really work with ease and see the motivation to do so too.

Mr. Sambol is well-known for his Bob’s Steak and Chop House in Dallas but before that he has himself taken time to learn every little thing about running a restaurant business. One of the main areas where focus has to be given in a restaurant business is the kitchen. Trained, and resourceful chefs specializing in creating magic on the dishes, shall be asset to the business. Likewise, investing in hygiene and even spending extra few dollars on organic fruits and vegetables, high quality oil and spices surely are bonuses that make a restaurant successful.

Since Robert Sambol learnt about all of these from the grass root level, he believes that compromising on any of these could cause patrons to move away. This is a big risk and not worth the efforts too and this is why the restaurants need to focus on keeping their eyes open and heart all open for their guests.

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