Rug Designs That Are Making A Comeback

Maybe it’s the success of Downton Abbey and the rug-adorned manor, or maybe they were just due a comeback. Either way, rugs are back in, and they’re back in a big way.

In recent years laminate, tiled and wood floors have been all the rage, with people loving the fact that easy they are to clean and keep. However this trend has had a surprising knock-on effect in the world of rugs, with more people considering them to put the finishing touches to their homes.

What are the Advantages of having Rugs instead of Carpets?

One of the main advantages is that a rug makes your wooden or laminate floor feel nice and cosy. It’s instant way to add personality to your space, without having to make massive changes. You can go for interesting shapes, fluffy textures and bright colours and introduce a new dimension to a room with minimum effort.

However if you really want to embrace the rug trend, you need to go retro, because Persian rugs and Oriental patterns are all the rage. They’ve shook off their old staid image and are being embraced by those in the know.

Once confined to your grandmother’s home, these rugs are now appearing in all of the home décor magazines. In fact, many designers who would have scoffed at the idea of featuring them in their collection are now making them the focal point of a room. They have plenty of soul, and this trend is clearly filtering down, with Persian rugs popping up all over Pinterest.

While designers and their community might prefer to scour auctions to find authenticity at a price, those on a budget are hitting Craigslist and raiding their parents’ attics in the hope of finding the perfect centre-piece for their home.

Would you rather go Groovy?

Not sure about a Persian rug, but still seeking a retro twist? That’s where the shag pile rug comes in. Once a 60s reject, these rugs are riding high in the popularity charts.

The term shag refers to the shaggy pile style, so these rugs are perfect for adding texture and warmth to a room. They also have an added feel of luxury. Don’t think the designs are stuck in the past either, with a huge variety of sizes, cuts and designs to make them uber cool and perfect for your décor.

What do I need to do to keep my Lovely Rug looking Fabulous?

Rugs are fairly low maintenance and only need the occasional vacuum or pat down to get rid of dirt buildup. However you should consider a professional cleaning now and again to prevent colours from fading and get rid of any unsightly stains.

To clean, you can either hire a machine and do the hard work yourself, or call in the professionals. Companies like Pilgim Payne provide a full service, picking up your rug, taking it to their cleaning plant and then returning it good as new. It’s also the smart decision if you have an older, vintage rug as they have plenty of experience with soft furnishings and will be able to identify the right products to ensure your rug is returned clean and damage free.

Graham Doyle is the director of Pilgrim Payne & Co, who have developed an excellent reputation as specialist cleaners of soft furnishings. Pilgrim Payne & Co are officially recognised as a supplier to the HM The Queen and HRH The Prince of Wales.

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