Safety Tips That You Must Consider Before Shopping A Backyard Swing Set For Your Home

If you want to keep your kid engrossed in some form of outdoor recreation, getting them a swing set from outdoor jungle gym is a perfect idea. However, the first and foremost thing you should bear in mind before shopping for backyard swing sets is that the swing you buy should be age appropriate for your kid.

If it is way too advanced, then you can wait to assemble them until your kids get a little older. For example, some swing sets have adjustable slides. Toddlers need a shorter version, while school going kids can handle a higher slide. Being available in different sizes and materials, you can buy a small set from a discount store or order a customized one. Yet parents should take these factors into consideration to ensure the safety of their kids.

Yard Size

Before you make the purchasing decision, measure your fenced yard. Catalogue and Internet photos cannot give you an exact idea of the swing size.

Buying a swing set in person can also give you an unrealistic idea until you make a note of the areas covered by the pathways, barbecue pits, septic tanks, patios, dog runs, hot tubs, pools, trampolines, etc.

Anticipate Future Needs

Before planning to buy a swing, make sure you consider few question like, “Will there be sufficient room for a dog? How about space for vegetable garden? Also, Will there be enough space for children to run, ride bikes.”

Choose Ideal Features

Do not just look for the features your kid enjoys the most. Rather pay attention to other detail intricacies by visiting the dealer’s showroom. There are a range of options to choose from like tunnels, swings, tires, monkey bars, slides, ropes, forts, and sandboxes. Jungle gym plans to bring in different variety of options in its premier product category like Dreamscape, the Fantasy, and the Fantasy Tree House to make it more fascinating to kids.

Buy during Off Season for Best Price

Parents often buy during peak warm spring days, when it is most expensive. It is better to purchase a swing set at the summer end, when stores need space to display their merchandise. At that time, builders want to buy new materials for next spring and like to dispose of old materials at reduced rate. Also buying at that time guarantees a faster turnaround time on assembling and delivery.

Get a Set that can be flexible with your growing kid

Parents of young kids go for baby swing, glider on the swing set or half-bucket swing. Sling swings, tire swings, and buoy balls are the features parents search for, when it comes to buying swings for older kids.

Look for the pros and cons of each type of swing. For example, tire swings allow multiple children to play at a time. Buoy balls are complete fun, but typically cannot be played for longer duration as they aren’t that comfortable.


Thus, Eastern Jungle Gym offers children complete enjoyment with their multiple variety of swing set. Correct raw materials used to manufacture the swings make them the safest swing set for your family. Parents can be rest assured of any possible hazards as their child is protected from entrapment, falls, pinches, as well as entanglement. Well-built swing unit at jungle gyms if maintained properly can last for generations.

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