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Securing An Alimony Amount: How A Child Support Lawyer Can Help

Children are a precious gift from God. They are what make our lives worth living, and make us laugh with their innocent movements. They make the weirdest of faces, and ask the silliest of questions, which can come out just about anywhere! Their innocence and their love for their parents is what make them so amazing. This is why it is them who are affected the most, when two partners in a relationship decide to part ways. Things can become really complicated managing them, which is where a child support lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help.

While handling the legal matters pertaining to separation, it is very much essential to ensure that the children are not affected as much as possible. They should be kept away from the proceedings, and, whenever confronted, should get the same love and affection they always get. During the legal matters, the court also takes into consideration to whom are the children more attached, so that that member has the preference to get their custody. The child support lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is expected to ensure that his client gets a preference for child’s custody, and so has to prepare the case accordingly.

Securing An Alimony Amount: How A Child Support Lawyer Can Help

Things a Child Support Lawyer can help with

The child support lawyer in Fort Lauderdale is meant to ensure that the parents and the children get a fair agreement between them. This does not conclude at getting the custody, though. Once a parent has secured the custody, and is a non-working member or earns less than the other parent, he/she is entitled to seek child alimony. The value of this alimony can depend on a number of parameters, such as:

  • Own income: This covers how much income the parent who has secured child’s custody gets, and if it’s enough or not to support the child’s needs.
  • The second parent’s income: If the other parent has a much higher income and has some other property too, he/she has to provide child support to his/her ex-spouse based on a mutual agreement.
  • The shared property’s worth: If the ex-couple had any property shared between them, and is now owned by the other parent, the one with child’s custody can seek for additional child support value.
  • Child’s daily expenses: The children must continue to get the same treatment as they were getting earlier. Any expenses which post separation are no longer bearable by one parent, will have to be supported by the other parent
  • Any other special need: Many children also have special needs. If they suffer from some condition or have some expenses such as tuition fee or day-boarding fee, the same has to be included in the alimony agreement between the two parents.

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