Selling Your House For Cash Vs Hiring A Realtor – Which Is Better

Are you planning to sell your home? Are you wondering which of the options is better – selling for cash or hiring a realtor? You have to analyze all pros and cons to find the best one.

Selling your House for Cash vs Hiring a Realtor

Advantage of selling house for cash

  • Saving commission costs – This is the main benefit of selling house for cash. The realtor’s commission ranges from 6% to more.

Advantages of Hiring a Realtor

  • Saving a lot of efforts and expenditure – When you sell for cash, you have to spend a lot of time to update and repair your home. You have to adopt various marketing strategies to attract potential buyers. The money and efforts put up for updating your home are saved. You have to spend time to show your home to the potential buyers when they come for inspection. You can save your valuable time in many ways.
  • Pricing and negotiating – You don’t have the experience of fixing the price. You may fix a very high price or a very low price. Very low price will lead to loss of money and high price will not help you sell your home. Negotiating a sale needs a lot of experience and confidence. To make sure price negotiations don’t turn awkward, negotiating with a realtor is better.
  • Access to larger network – A realtor has a long list of contacts. He knows a lot of sources through which he can market the property. This helps in faster selling.
  • Focus on your job – You have your own job or profession or business to look after. You can’t take up selling your home as a full time job. An expert realtor’s full time job is selling properties. You can focus on your job and leave the sales to the realtor.
  • Emotional state of mind – A home is always close to your heart. You have many special memories linked to your home. Selling your home can affect you emotionally. Do you want to avoid emotional situations? To save the emotions you have to go to a realtor.
  • Saving from bad tenants – Have you rented your home? Are you not happy with your tenants? Are they being a pain in the neck? If you want to get rid of the bad tenant, you should sell your home as early as possible. You may not be able to force the tenant vacate your property, whereas, a realtor will be able to hand your tenant with lots of ease.
  • Secrecy and privacy in dealing – Do you want to sell your home without the knowledge of others? Don’t worry. You can sell your home without listing it if you hire a realtor.

Have you come to a final decision? I am sure you would have realized hiring a realtor is a better choice. Do you want to find a good realtor? You can try here at Quick home offers. You are assured of the best service.

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