Serviced Apartments For The Perfect Corporate Accommodation

Serviced Apartments For The Perfect Corporate Accommodation

Serviced apartments are an excellent alternative to a hotel, offering corporate clients all the benefits of hotel living, but with the flexibility of added space and practicalities. Available for both short and long term lets, their numbers are increasing as they gain popularity. Here’s a quick rundown of reasons to use them for corporate accommodation.

A Lot More Space

This is a major benefit over a hotel room. Serviced apartments are not only much bigger, typically at least twice the size, but also offer more extensive living areas, with extras like kitchens and separate living, dining and bedroom areas. This makes it more of a ‘home from home’, allowing employees to live comfortably for extensive periods of time if necessary, far more so than when you’re confined to just one small room. It also means that it’s possible to work from apartments, and to hold meetings there.

A Sensible Economic Choice

Corporate serviced apartments tend to be pretty good value for money. And the longer you stay, the more likely it will be that you get an even better rate. Unlike hotels, there are no expensive mini bars (the apartments have fridges in which you can store whatever you like!), and other extras like Wi-Fi tend to come included in the overall price.

Added Flexibility

The inclusion of cooking and washing facilities in serviced apartments means that guests can use the apartment as they would their own home, live independently, eat what and when they like, and avoid the expense of eating out. The addition of washing machines and tumble driers also means that guests can avoid expensive hotel laundry costs. All essentials if you’re staying a while.

A High Standard of Accommodation

Created for the corporate market, serviced apartments offer excellent quality in terms of contemporary furnishings, equipment and cleanliness. Expect to have a fully equipped kitchen, good quality towels, toiletries and bedding plus up-to-date technology with Sky TV and music playback systems.

A Sense of Independence

Hotels offer very frequent housekeeping, often more than once a day. Corporate serviced apartments have access to this level of assistance if necessary, but tend to provide a slightly less frequent service so as not to invade the privacy of guests, typically ‘servicing’ the apartment a couple of times a week. Serviced apartment blocks are also typically smaller than your average corporate hotel, adding to the feeling of privacy.

Maintaining the Upsides of Hotel Living

Of course there are many benefits to hotel living, not least access to amenities like gyms, pools, a concierge, meeting facilities and restaurants. Serviced apartments tend to have all these as well, so guests won’t have to miss out on any of the luxuries.

So whether it’s a few days in the city, or a couple of months, corporate serviced apartments may well offer the perfect balance between hotel living and home comforts. With the space and amenities to live comfortably and economically, guests will be able to focus on the job in hand.

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