Setting Up Utilities In Your New Home – The Basics

Most people try to figure out the utility settings in their new homeonly when they get the keys. Unless you are fine with living in the dark and freezing to death, this habit must be avoided. All essential utilities must be transferred or implemented before you move into the house to ensure that your basic needs are taken care of. In this case, you will find the following information to be highly useful.

Basic Needs

Before you transfer the utilities, you need to identify what they are. Remember that your new house is different from the old one. Therefore, your needs and requirements can change as well. Keep in mind that some services are more important than others. Regardless of the geographical location of your house, there are certain utilities that every house compulsorily needs. These include water, electricity, telephone, cable TV, internet, security systems and trash collection.

Utility Transference

During this process, you need to be in touch with the seller of your new house. This is important for two reasons. Firstly, you do not want to pay the seller’s due bills or be subjected to a cancellation of all services. Secondly and most importantly, you need to ensure with the seller that all services in the house are working properly before you move in. For instance, see whether the water, electricity and gas services are efficient in the house prior to the settlement. Make sure that all services are transferred to your name. Always read how to save money on utility bills.

Service Provider

Sometimes, you might not be satisfied with the services of a particular utility provider in your new home since you are used to the services of your old home. In this case, instead of getting a new one, it is best to use the same services since it is less stressful and more cost-effective. For example, let’s say you moved to Melbourne. There is no need to look for a new gas providers Melbourne since it can be quite stressful. Looking for reliable contacts and affordable prices as well as installing the system requires a lot of time, money and effort. Therefore, it is best to stick to the same service provider of your seller.


You need to see how old the house and its systems are. With time, the efficiency of these services can deteriorate. Therefore, you need to check whether they are new and effective or whether they need to be replaced. For example, the seller might cancel the security systems after the purchase. Before reactivating the service in your name, make sure to check when the system was first activated and see whether it is competent with current technology. If not, cancel the service and install something modern.

Other Services

In some cases, certain services have to be installed on your own. These include pest extermination, lawn care, septic service, snow removal and house cleaning services. Look for reliable companies in the neighbourhood and inquire about their cost and quality of service. The best person to ask for suggestions is the seller. Ask him/her to recommend or provide you with the essential list of contacts.

When hiring new agencies, make sure to do sufficient research, compare service quality and ask for quotations. This will enable you to ensure that the utility services in your new home are both efficient and affordable.

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