How To Save Money by Combining Your Utility Bills

Utility bills arrive at almost every home across the UK every single month. Due to the rising price of energy, the amounts in these bills are skyrocketing. There’s no need to spend sleepless nights due to this trend. There is a method that will help you make major savings on your utility bills.

Combine your bills and enjoy the benefits

In the households of today, there are many utilities that we require. Examples of these are;

  1. Electricity
  2. Gas
  3. Mobile phone bills
  4. Home landline phone bills
  5. Broadband internet plans

Servicing these bills individually is a painstaking task. Thankfully, you can combine all these bills into one convenient one. To do, simply switch from your current utilities provider to this company.

The Utility Warehouse

This company is owned by utilities giant Telecom Plus which was founded in 1996. Telecom Plus was founded with a goal to provide customers with a method through which they could make landline phone calls at very affordable rates.

The Utility Warehouse established a number of subsidiary companies that operated in the energy provision sector. These companies ensured that consumer households received high quality and affordable energy utilities.

In 2006, the Utility Warehouse sold these subsidiary companies to npower. This company was formed in 1990 after the state-owned Central Electricity Generating Board was privatized. It was initially known as National Power.

Come 2013, Telecom Plus reached an agreement with npower to buy Electricity Plus and Gas Plus. These companies were two of the 6 biggest providers of energy utilities across the United Kingdom. After the purchase, the Utility Warehouse garnered 770, 000 new gas and electricity consumers. This effectively made the company one of the largest energy suppliers in the country.

Benefits of combining bills

When you bundle your utilities, you will enjoy two main benefits. They include;

  • A Price Guarantee for Energy
  • The price promise

The company helps you to save when you are paying your energy bills. This is clearly explained in their price promise. If you switch all your utility needs to this company, they will combine them into one bundle and thus you will be able to save money.

There is also an Energy Price Guarantee. In this one, the company makes it such that your energy bills for the provision of two types of energy remain fairly competitive and affordable. As such, he amounts you pay in your bill remains comparable to the amounts that are paid by consumers of other companies.


Combining your utility bills is the ideal way to pay these bills conveniently. They arrive as one bill and you simply pay for it. You can combine as many utilities as you want. You will also get to save some money when you do this. You will also be able to save a lot of time.

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