Know Why ALACO Is Best For Roof Access Ladder

Know Why ALACO Is Best For Roof Access Ladder

Looking for high-quality and strong exterior roof access ladder? Well, the search ends here at the ALACO Ladder Company. They have a reputation in making steady aluminum ladders that are very useful as they provide safety and comes with a long life too.

What Is The Purpose Of Roof Access Ladder?

Roof access ladder solves the purpose by bridging the gap and giving a safe access between ground and the roof so that a person can easily climb up to the roof and do the cleaning and all other sort of day-to-day work.

Roof access ladder provides permanent access to the rooftops that are less than 20 ft. high. These ladders are designed with a handrail and with custom-made ladder brackets as well. These brackets are fit for unusual wall surfaces.

Roof access ladder is ideal for chimneys, water-tanks, towers, refineries and other treatment plants. With mounting, cage and rest platforms are also offered, Security doors are also offered with this ladder.

Models Available For Roof Access Ladder

  • 561 Handrails Over Roof
  • 561E Elevator Pit Access
  • 561SE Side Exit
  • 562 Roof Return
  • 563 Parapet Return
  • 564 Parapet Return with Crossover Platform

What Makes Roof Access Ladder Strong?

ALACO aluminum roof access ladder and its components are made strong and steady with the use of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy. This provides extra safety, durability and strength to the ladder. It is not necessary to paint the ladder as it cannot rust easily.

Features Of Roof Access Ladder

  • These ladders are mounted for an easy access between external height and the ground of the buildings, towers, water tanks, treatment plants. These ladders are durable and safe in mounting.
  • They are customized with standard parts, low-maintenance and durable body to provide comfort.
  • They are available at lowest cost and 5 years warranty.
  • There is a quick and responsive service given by the staff and experts with delivery at your door. They will mount it safely for you wherever it’s required.
  • These ladders provide a non-slip grip that assures safety and side-rails are there to provide comfort while climbing or standing on the ladder.
  • Heavy-duty mounting brackets ensure further safety of the ladder making it safer for the climbers.

Why ALACO ladders?

ALACO came into being in 1883 with Los Angeles Ladder Company. ALACO has been manufacturing top quality roof access, library, loft, fire and special purpose ladders. They are also the master in platform, cages and stepstools.

The company has the history of skilled ladder craftsmen who are dedicated for more than three decades ad working effortlessly for ADALCO. They craft best products that are reliable and provide 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Let’s Talk About The Warranty!

Roof Access ladder is widely used so its availability is easy. ALACO roof access ladder comes up with the warranty of 5 years. These ladders are maintenance free and there is no specific care required.

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