Shellac Nails: 5 Things To Know About Them

Shellac Nails: 5 Things To Know About Them

Its not difficult to become obsessed with shellac nails. Besides, when your nails  get a pounding in the beach heat, or you are stuck in a vacation that doesn’t allow time for a manicure, it’s time to whip out shellac and secure your finger nails. Lets face it, Shellac has never been popular in the media, at least not since NYtimes’ expose on its UV light properties used to cure it. Well, if your priority to stay away from the UV rays in the sun, why expose your nails to them?

So what is Shellac?

For the uninitiated, this is a particularly trendy nail treatment which promises to keep your nails glistening long for weeks without chipping off. So you can waltz in and out of a beauty salon with a shellac coating with a smooth and mirrorless manicure that lasts for a while (weeks!)

If this sounds like a dream come true for you, check out these simple pointers that you need to know about an effective shellac workout and how you can remove them should the need ever arise.

Here are five tips about shellac nails:

1- Keep your Nails Healthy before you Sign up for the Treatment

Getting a shellac treatment is quite expensive compared to the others- but you do get to cut off the maintenance as they tend to last longer. But before we jump into this, i recommend you consider the health of your finger nails. If your cuticles or nailbed is damaged, splitting or showing signs of peeling, it’s a bad idea to drape it with gel polish.

2- Shellac Gels Last for a Loooooong Time

Shellac gels last anywhere from a couple of weeks till upto a month after its applied. They are well known for their longevity as they are cured by small doses of UV rays and LED light, but beware that extensive exposure to UV is potentially harmful and may induce age spots.

You can use LED light to cure your gel polish but do keep in mind that the process dehydrates your nails and makes it prone to cracks, pits or scrapes. So ensure you apply a sunscreen lotion before you cure it via LED or UV.

3- Practice Nail Care Regularly at Home

Shellac nails may last longer than your regular techniques but they require nourishment to survive. Apple cuticle oil to your nails twice a day to keep your cuticles and nail bed in a healthy condition. Your porus nail polish will ensure that the oil flows in without much hindrance and keep your nail bed nourished and shining bright with awe.

4- How do i Remove it?

It may look tempting to peel off your nail polish once it begins chipping but that may lead to unintended consequences. For example, you may peel off bits of your nails where the polish holds strong! The safest approach is to return to your salon and have your nails dipped in water and wrapped in special acetone to loosen the gel polish’s hold.

How does that Work?

The wrapper uses your body heat to ease off  the shellac polish hold off your nails and the nail technician will begin scraping it off your nails. Well, atleast thats better than peeling it off, right?

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