Should You Apply For A Job That You Are Not Quite Qualified For?

Should You Apply For A Job That You Are Not Quite Qualified For?

Applying for a new job is scary at the best of times when you are the dream candidate perfectly qualified for the job. But should you even bother to apply for a job that you are not quite qualified for?

While many job searchers have the problem of being over qualified for a job that they apply for, others have the opposite problem as they seek employment that sounds like the right fit for them until they read the job requirements and find out that must have an A.A. degree in a field other than their particular speciality or an E.C.E (Early Childhood Education) qualification for a preschool teaching assistant position. In such a situation, many quickly give up and look elsewhere for work. If you have ever been in this position, do not quickly dismiss a potential job lead until you know for sure that your application will be rejected.

Call the company directly and inquire about the position you are interested in. Would it be possible to continue to apply for the job even though you are not an exact fit? If you do apply, would you be allowed to make up the deficiency by taking a college course in the evenings or over the weekends? Calling the company directly to seek clarification will not only put your mind at ease, but it will also be less threatening than facing an employer in person to find out the answer to your questions. This also shows initiative on your part as you demonstrate your interest in the job.

Do not be tempted to fudge your qualifications (or lack thereof) by embellishing your resume in order to make it look flawless and to make yourself seem like the perfect candidate. The growing popularity of using a resume writing service is a clear reflection that most job candidates are not very skilled at writing their own CV. Even if you make it through to the job interview, employers are often quick to notice and pull apart a fraudulent resume and application. Further suspicions will be allayed by quick thinking employers who ask to see proof of your credentials. If you are caught lying about your qualifications, you will forfeit any chance you might have had of landing the job.

It is easy for nervous job candidates to assume that they are under qualified for a job and therefore unsuitable for the position that they wish to apply for. However, take the time to call the company and ask if you can still apply even though you do not hold the specific qualifications that the company is looking for. Find out if you can receive training to make up the deficiency and never fall into the trap of lying about your credentials. Employers can see through fraudulent applications, which will mean losing out on any chance you might have had of securing the job.

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