Should You Invest In Solar Panels?

Ever considered installing a flash set of solar panels on your roof, and producing your own clean, green and free electricity? Domestic solar panels, like those from Precision Roofing, are more popular than ever before, with millions of installations throughout the world. Solar panels are quickly appearing in our lives, from the roads we drive down to portable solar panel phone chargers, which keep our phones charged, even when off the grid. But how do you know if solar panels are the right fit for you and your property?

Solar Panel Requirements

Solar Panels can provide free green electricity all day long (even when it is cloudy!), but there are some requirements that need to be considered. The pitch and orientation of your roof are important to ensure that the maximum electricity yield, and it is also important to check whether your roof can support the weight.

Generally, you must also be the property owner, and it is always a good idea to double check that solar panels won’t cause issues with your home insurance providers.

In most areas, you do not need planning permission, however there are other considerations that may be applicable to your property, such as whether it is in a conservation area, which will restrict your use of solar panels.

Cost of Solar Panels

Solar panel installation costs have dropped in recent years, with the rise in the number of installers throughout the world, creating competition to win your business, combined with a decrease in the manufacturing costs of solar panels. Nowadays, an average sized property can expect to pay approximately $12,000 for a 3kw system.

It is always a good idea to compare multiple quotes to ensure you get the best deal on your solar panel installation.

Remember that solar panels do need maintenance to ensure they are working at their best, and to ensure their longevity. Keeping solar panels clean is imperative to allow as much sunlight in as possible. Servicing your solar panels can cost as little as $100 per year.

Your Investment

With your investment, how much should you expect to make in return. Depending on the various feed-in tariff schemes that may be available, combined with any electricity savings you will make, you are likely to make approximately $900 per year. Of course, the financial return is also dependant on the size of your photovoltaic system, with bigger systems generating more electricity, and the location where you live.

Rebates and Government Schemes

Every state and government has their own solar panel and renewable energy rebates and schemes, so it is a good idea to check with your local government to find out what the best deals are for your solar panel installations.

There has never been a better time to consider solar panels, so what are you waiting for – start your renewable energy adventure and invest in solar panels!

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