Signs That It's Time to Transition Your Home to Ductless Cooling

Signs That It’s Time to Transition Your Home to Ductless Cooling

Ductless cooling systems are becoming a popular choice for many homeowners looking for some comfortable cooling from the hot summer months. Because ductless systems are still fairly new, some homeowners may still not be familiar with these systems and their benefits. If you’re considering purchasing or upgrading your air conditioning system, here are some signs that you may want to look into getting a ductless cooling system.

You Have Vacant Rooms

Whether your home has guest rooms or your kids have gone away to college, sometimes you can be left with vacant rooms in your home. When you run a cooling system through ductwork, it will cool those vacant rooms. That translates to a waste of money to cool rooms that are not being used. When you invest in ductless cooling systems, you can enjoy the cost savings of only cooling the rooms that you use.

Family Members Prefer Different Levels Of Cooling

It’s not uncommon for family members to argue about the desired temperature. Unfortunately, this can leave some family members freezing while others are overheating. A great AC service should be capable of accommodating all of your family members. With ductless systems, each family member can set their own desired temperature in their bedroom and the rooms that they use most.

Your Existing Home Doesn’t Have Ductwork

Not all homes were built with centralized heating and air conditioning systems. The ones that were have a series of ductwork and registers that run throughout the home. If your home is already built, you would have to rip out all of the drywall to get into the wall cavities to install the ductwork. Ductless systems are a great alternative to traditional centralized heating and cooling systems. They don’t require any special ductwork to be placed throughout your home.

You’ve Put on an Addition

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to grow their living space by putting on home additions. Unfortunately, sometimes ductwork is not considered during the addition, or it’s simply not feasible to link into the old system. In these cases, adding a ductless cooling system to your addition can provide the cooling that you need to stay comfortable.

Transitioning your home to a ductless cooling system can be a great investment for your family. If your home has any of the circumstances above, it’s a good idea to consider transitioning. Ductless cooling systems can be a great option for any family looking to stay comfortable this summer.

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