Single Occupancy PG Search Of

Single Occupancy PG Search Of

Mumbai is one of the most sought after locations for professionals. The city has been the land of opportunity for a long time now and the demand for homes for rental continues unabated. In a city where the cost of living is the highest in the country and the rental prices are among the highest, the end users do not have any compunction when it comes to seeking a PG accommodation here there.

Navi Mumbai has become the modern extension of Mumbai and a lot of businesses including technology companies are based out of there. It is here that there is a huge demand for PG Accommodations. Many professionals who have not moved into the city with their families find it an attractive option which is highly economical when compared with the costs of renting a whole flat.

Using to Find PG Accommodations

Assume an end user is interested in a PG accommodation in Navi Mumbai. This end user logs into the housing.comportal and clicks on the option marked ‘PG & Hostels’. The resulting screen comes up with a search page. This search page comprises of a search bar where the end user has to type the name of the locality. When one types ’Navi Mumbai’, the auto fill option automatically offers the option. The next step is to search for PG accommodations for boys or girls. Please note that an end user can find an accommodation for both genders by selecting both the options. After this, one has to select the rental price range.

After clicking ‘Search’ the map of Navi Mumbai reveals itself. This map shows all the categories of PG accommodations which an end user has selected. However at this point, one can’t say for sure which accommodations offer shared rooms and which ones also have the option for single occupancy.

Finding a Room with Single Occupancy

The map search page has numerous filter options available which help end users zero in on those PG in Navi Mumbai which suit their requirements the best. These requirements may be related to price, availability of food, amenities etc. On top of the map is a button marked ‘Occupancy’. When one clicks this button, two options reveal themselves. One is ‘Single’ and the other is ‘Shared’. As mentioned earlier, the map search results show all the accommodation types by default. However with this option, an end user gets to list only those PGs which also offer single occupancy in Navi Mumbai. all that is required is to put a check mark against the ‘Single’ option.

In case the end user now wants to find those PG accommodations which offer vegetarian food or have ACs, then there is an option to do so as well. When one clicks on ‘More’, there are numerous other options which allow one to search for single occupancy paying guest in Mumbai according to the meals offered, facilities available (like parking, laundry, etc.), and even according to the person who has listed the PG(property owner or broker). All these options allow the end user to easily find and settle for an accommodation before moving to that part of the city.

In Conclusion

 All the feature and functionalities available on portal is because of the data analysis that has been done by the housing team to ensure that the end users get to find exactly what they are searching for.

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