Solid Wood Or Flat Pack Furniture; Given The Choice Which Would You Choose?

It’s a dilemma that many people face; should they buy cheap flat pack furniture from Ikea that will need replacing in a few years time at the very most, or should they invest more money in something that is built to last. Of course everyone’s needs are different. Some people like the fact that they get to change their furniture on a regular basis; it stops them getting tired of looking at the same things day after day. Others like the idea of investing in higher quality items that are built to be around for many years, so they don’t need to start looking around for new items a couple of years down the line.

What some people don’t realise though is that it can actually work out cheaper in the long term to go for proper wood furniture such as the solid wood furniture manufactured by Priest Brothers in Chelmsford.

Cheap imitation wood furniture is never going to have the appearance of the real thing. Whilst manufacturers do their best to make it look authentic, there is always going to be that repetition in the “grain” that doesn’t look as good as real wood. I suppose that for the price they charge, then that is what you have to accept.

Real wood furniture on the other hand is always going to have a much more natural appearance with the grain being more random. The very nature of wood means that the look of the item will improve over the years as it ages taking on a pleasing patina as time goes on.

Another advantage of the real wood items is that they can be finished in a number of different ways such as lacquer, wax or natural oils depending on the preference of the purchaser, and many individual manufacturers will also go one step further and offer a bespoke furniture service that you don’t find with the mass produced variety.

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