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Some Important Questions To Ask A Band Before Hiring

Live music band is still the best entertainment solution for any event or party. The music at your event, whether you decide to book a DJ or a band, will be the major component. Not only will the music set the right tone and create the atmosphere, but the DJ or the band will also help to gracefully keep the evening’s events flowing smoothly from one moment to another.

A good band is hard to find. Though there are several good entertainment agencies in London for live music bands but an in-person meeting with a handful of potential bands and DJs is the best way to really figure out whom to hire. Here is a list of questions that will help you evaluate a DJ, band or other entertainer:

  • How long have you been in the business? : If you are interviewing a live music band, you need to ask how long the musicians have played together. However, if you work with a reputable entertainment agency, instead of booking a specific band, you will most likely be getting seasoned professionals brought together for your event. Even though, all the members of the band may not have played together before, but they are professional musicians who are able to work together and sound fantastic anyway.
  • How would you describe the style of the music that you play? Is there any one specific genre that you focus on? : Not all the bands are built the same. Some groups specialise in R&B Motown, while others might specialise in rocking out to your favourite 90’s and Top 40 hits. Some might be capable of playing a mixture of everything. Thus, it is best to find a band that can cover more than one genre in order to include the guests of all ages.
  • When and where can we see you perform live? : The band or DJ should invite you to a club date or schedule a mini performance of three to four songs for a small audience.
  • Can you supply us with a videotape or audiotape? Is it recorded live or produced? Is the sound technically enhanced? : A seasoned band should be able to provide you with both an audio CD and a live DVD. Ask the band if they have a site where you can hear them live.
  • Can you play the songs that are important to us? Such as a traditional tune or a favourite pop hit? : The band or DJ should be capable of playing, learning or downloading any tune you would like. If a band says ‘yes’, but they’ll need to learn or arrange it, ask them whether or not they’ll charge for that.
  • Would we need to rent any instruments or equipment? : Find out exactly what equipment they bring and what you need to rent.
  • Do you plan to use lighting or any other special effects? : Beyond music, some professional bands will bring special lighting/effects. If your band does use such lighting and other special effects, be sure to ask and get all prices written into your contract.

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