Stop Barbequing and Start Smoking Your Meats

Stop Barbequing and Start Smoking Your Meats

Most people only barbeque from Labor Day until Memorial, when they’re going to be feeding a lot of guests and need a fast way to cook up some delicious, hot meat. You can use propane, charcoal, electric, or even an open fire to grill food until it is tender. Add a homemade barbeque sauce and you’re likely to prepare and eat a dish that is better than anything else you have ever tasted – until you try smoking your meats. At consumers learn how they can make their meals a whole lot better by comparing various smokers on the market. Whether you live in a condo and can’t use an outdoor smoker or have a huge backyard that’s ripe for an oversized smoker, here’s why you should be smoking more of your meats.

Smoked Meat Is Packed with Flavor

When you put a slab of meat inside of a smoker and you close the door, you’re guaranteeing that your meat will come out absolutely dripping with flavor. Meat doesn’t come out greasy or dry when it’s prepared in a smoker, and you don’t have to over-season it to get meats to have a phenomenal flavor profile. Use dry rubs and even inject your meats with different flavors if you want to get the most out of your smoker. Every time you go to smoke something new you’ll have a new preparation idea to try out.

Using a Smoker Keeps Meat Tender

Barbequed foods come out best when they’re cooked by seasoned professionals. Otherwise, hamburgers can appear to be dryer and more rubbery than hockey pucks as a result of being overcooked. Likewise, your chicken might constantly come out being charred and strange tasting if you don’t know how to arrange your meat correctly over the fire. Smoking meat is a lot simpler and it always comes out tasting juicy and tender when you follow the preparation directions.

Smoking Meat Is Good for Busy Home Chefs

Perhaps you want to make a five-course meal, complete with a dessert made from scratch, homemade dinner rolls, a specialty cocktail, and a number of complex side dishes. Your meat will still be the main star of the show. On the other hand, it can be easy to ruin a big piece of quality meat when it is left to cook in the oven for hours and hours. By using a smoker, you can leave yourself the much-needed space and time necessary for keeping all of the burners on your stove occupied, while still knowing that your meat will come out delectable.

If you like meat and you enjoy eating it at different temperatures, then a smoker might be an appliance that you get a lot of use out of. They can be used indoors so you can enjoy smoked meat even when there’s snow on the ground. If you don’t like to cook every night of the week you can also use your smoker to cook pork, beef, and poultry at the same time so you have a variety of things to eat.

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