Styling Tips from A Dad To His Teenage Son

A lot of things might have changed, but some things simply remain evergreen. I see guys of my son’s age using smartphone and gadgets that we couldn’t even think of in our times. I have reached a point where my teenage son helps me understand how the smartphone works, how to find old friends on the social media and more. But there is one arena where he still can’t beat me. That’s my experience. Yes whether it is about choosing the right career path or wearing the right dress for the first date, a dad’s experience can take his son a long way.

This includes styling as well! Dads might not be their son’s style icons, but a few sartorial tips can help their sons create a look that gets praised by everyone. If you are a dad to a teenage son and willing to pass on your sartorial wisdom to him, this is the right time. Remember the days when your little boy would wear your coat and hat and pretend to be like you? He would surely appreciate some styling advice from you at this point when is set to meet his first girlfriend and become a hero among his friends.

Start with telling about the difference between a casual look and a formal look. This is where most boys make a mistake. I had a talk to my son, when he was going on his first date. He was confused about what to wear, so I talked to him about how to dress formally and casually to impress the others. Find out the right moment and start talking to your sons before they make a major styling error.

Here are some styling advices that I have passed on to my son; these might help you as well and your son:

Style is All About the Right Attitude

This was the first thing I told my son. The first impression matters a lot and your presence speaks before you do. Guys need to be confident about what they wear and they should be able to carry themselves well. I told my son that a man’s appearance is everything – it attracts the right people and opportunities that help them reach the next level in life. So whether you are wearing 3  piece suits for men or a jean paired with a blazer jacket, you need to carry it with confidence.

So if you want compliments to pour in wear the right attitude and be confident about yourself. Even celebrity sons follow their dads when it comes to styling.

Own a Suit that Fits Perfectly

Most of the times, my son would blindly follow style trends, without giving a thought. I keep telling him not to do that. So should you. Tell them about the basics and then build their style over it. A suit with a perfect fit is the basic element of styling and one thing that everyman should have. I have taught my son about how to style a suit and get the desired look depending upon a specific event. Did you?

Most importantly your boy needs to know the difference between suits, blazers and sports coats and the right time to wear them, so that he can choose his attire accordingly.

Like any other teenage guy, my son also had a perception that a suit is all that is required; but I taught him about the importance of a perfect fit. Help your son buy and tailor his first suit, so that he understands what the characteristics of a good suit are and how to measure it to get the perfect fit.

Sport the Right Accessories

In order to get the best look, guys need to accessorize themselves correctly. For instance, it is important to teach young guys when to wear boots, loafers and dress shoes; similarly the watch should match the attire and the bag (if required) must also complement their style. However, for men it is always good to stick with the minimalist approach – this means wear accessories that are a must. If your son wants to don a casual look, encourage him to wear a cap along with the jeans and tee.

Hairstyle is also an important part of styling, so you must help your boys choose a style that enhances their personality. David Beckham’s hairstyle might be cool, but it might not suit your son’s style.

Final Thoughts

One thing that I have noticed in most young men is impatience. They want everything too quickly…whether it is the latest Apple phone or the latest fashion item. As fathers, we need to teach our sons that building a quality wardrobe is an investment and it takes a lot of time.

One more thing that I keep telling my son is that never fall for cheap fashion items. They actually prove to be very expensive in the long run. Rather he must invest in high quality items since they last forever (almost) and add value to the wardrobe.

One more secret that I have passed onto my son – whenever in doubt, sport a white tee. That can save your day.


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