TESOL Course – What Is It And How To Find The Right Online Course

People from all around the world relocate because of many reasons. The percentage of relocation is quite high in the generation that is in search of job, pursuing their education, etc. In order to, help such people easily blend in with their place, many academies offering spoken English classes have been established all around the globe.

Most of the English teachers often find it difficult to teach the students. Even after taking classes, where they get to learn about using the right approach in reaching their students, they experience difficulties when it comes to using the right methods. It is where TESOL helps them.

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

TESOL is a type of course that is introduced with the main goal of helping the English teaching professionals to gain fluency over the language. This course encompasses two main courses, TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language).

Some people prefer learning English language as the second language, along with their mother-tongue, whereas some prefer learning it even if they do not use the language on daily basis. For people belonging to both the categories, TESOL is the most suggested option. Learning English has become mandatory these days, since it has become one of the main medium of teaching in almost all countries.


Choosing to take classes from TESOL course has its own benefits. Some are listed below.

  • Owning the certificate from TESOL is just like owning a ticket that can pave way to better job, be it in your country or in foreign countries. It can even help you with finding the opportunities that come with higher pay scale.
  • TESOL course is available either as online course or as the traditional method, wherein you will be attending the classes that are taken within four walls. You can choose the type based on your preference.

For instance, if your preference is to shape your career as an English teacher, then the traditional method is the most suggested one. However, if your goal is to secure a job abroad, then online course is more value-added.

How to Find the Right TESOL Course

There are many English language teaching centers all around the world, which offers TESOL course. However, not all names can be regarded as authentic or genuine ones. Hence, there are many things to know, before finalizing.

Check whether they Offer Comprehensive Guidance for Searching Job

You can find some sources that guarantee with best quality and updated version of TESOL course. However, not all services guarantee with offering the required comprehensive guidance, when it comes to searching for the job either in the same country or in different countries. Hence, make sure to enquire beforehand.

Beware of Guaranteed Job Placements

Even though the services that offers TESOL certification online guarantees job placements, there are no such assurance about whether the job is available without any strings attached. Sometimes, the promised job placements might also include limitations that you never enquired or were explained to you about. Hence, make sure to check thoroughly before signing in with any service offering TESOL course.

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