The 5 Essential Checks You Might Not Know For When You Move To A New House

The 5 Essential Checks You Might Not Know For When You Move To A New House
  1. Grab the right removals company for you!

Ensuring you find and employ the right removals company is essential if you’re looking for safe and trusted transportation during your moving day. While there are many trustworthy removal companies to choose from, there are others that might no handle your valuables with the respect they deserve. Make sure you look at trusted review websites before calling your chosen removals service. While cheap rates may seem appealing, sometimes the quality of service suffers because of it.

Moving to a new house is rarely a stress-free venture. So, choosing a removals company you can trust can make all the difference. Have a chat with your chosen removals service to ensure that they’re the right choice for you.

  1. Check for damp and potential moisture stains

The next box to tick is the threat of moisture stains or damp areas within the property.

Damp is usually very easy to spot and is one of the major problems that come with poorly insulated homes. In most cases, property owners will address the damp before selling. However, there are certain circumstances where such procedures are not carried out and this can be a nasty surprise.

Damp is also very good at hiding in places you wouldn’t think to check. Be sure to properly inspect the property for signs of moisture or damp, it could be the difference between paying nothing and paying thousands for damp repairs. Damp can become more than an unsightly issue in your home, if left untreated, damp can start to seriously impact your health, notably in respiratory problems (asthma, coughing).

The causes for damp can range from exterior property leaks (ceilings, cracks in walls, poor insulation etc), to drainage issues (poor plumbing, blockages, etc).

  1. Make sure adequate cleaning pest control inspection has been carried out

One of the most common factors that is constantly forgotten about is carpet cleaning. If you move into a new home with carpets, it is essential that they have either been professionally cleaned, or you’re willing to foot the bill to get them cleaned.

Why? Because pests such as dust mites and bed bugs are known for hiding with carpets and even though your carpet may look and feel clean, it’s still worth getting them professionally cleaned. Second to this, ensure that you take-out the necessary inspections for your garden (if you have one).

Wasps’ nests and rats’ nests are one of the most common pest issues that people simply fail to address or even recognise. If either of these pest issues are left untreated, not only can they become a huge nuisance throughout the year, but they can lead to further damage to your property. Rat infestations in particular are best avoided, as they’re able to multiply swiftly and this could mean that expensive rat removal may be required.

  1. Replace the batteries in smoke detectors

Despite the importance of this check, many people don’t even consider it, which can lead to extremely dangerous consequences. Even though many safety checks are conducted to ensure a house is suitable for living in (doors, windows, structural integrity, etc) smoke alarms are criminally ignored. They aren’t often checked during a home inspection, meaning you’re putting yourself and others at risk. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so be sure to check your smoke alarm(s) is working and test it.

  1. Windows, Doors and Insulation

While many doors and windows may appear to function properly, many people do not put them through proper tests. For example, doors that are wooden can be susceptible to weather damage, especially if you live in on the coast. This is something that some landlords might turn a blind eye to in order to save costs. This also applies to windows, however, if you have properly fitted double-glazed windows, it’s likely you won’t need to worry too much about insulation.

Be sure to check that both your doors and windows are properly insulated and are able to withstand day-to-day use and most importantly, are secure. This will not only give you peace of mind but will undoubtedly save you hundreds or even thousands a year on gas and electricity bills!

Hopefully this checklist has given you some insight into what to look out for when moving into a new property! While some may set you back on the money side of things, they will definitely ensure peace of mind and will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. Safety checks should be the first port of call when moving into a new home, so make sure your new property ticks all the right boxes mentioned above!

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