The 5 Pieces Of Gear You Need To Ride A Motorcycle

Although it can be fun, cheaper than driving a car and a quicker way to get around, riding a motorcycle is also incredibly dangerous. There is a saying in motorcycle culture that there are two types of riders; those who have crashed, and those who haven’t crashed yet. However, if you’re thinking of getting a motorcycle, don’t be scared off just yet. With the correct safety gear and the right precautions taken, you can experience just how amazing riding a motorcycle is without putting yourself in danger or at risk of too much harm. Read on to discover the five essential pieces of safety gear that you should never ride your motorcycle without, and check out for some great products.


Although in certain states motorcycle riders aren’t required by law to wear a helmet, they are a necessary piece of safety kit if you’d prefer to keep your head and face protected in the event of a crash. In addition to the safety features, helmets have other benefits – they protect your face from bugs and flies while riding, and many helmets come with hands free Bluetooth capability.

Leather Gloves

If in the unfortunate event of a motorcycle accident you find yourself flying through the air, the first thing that you are likely to do is throw your hands out in front of you to protect yourself when you fall. This is why leather gloves are such a vital piece of kit – they protect your hands from the impact on a gravel road. Not wearing them could result in all sorts of damage from nasty scrapes, cuts and bruises to even more serious injuries. They’re a small piece of kit, but don’t overlook them.

Motorcycle Jacket

Specialized motorcycle jackets are designed to protect your body from the elements, and thanks to the leather material they also offer more protection in the event of a crash or fall. Although wearing a jacket can be a little on the warm side, many riders would prefer to sweat a bit rather than be seriously hurt in an accident. You can also buy jackets with mesh which are great for the warmer months.

Motorcycle Boots

Rather than wearing trainers or regular shoes when riding, you should invest in some over the ankle motorcycle boots which will protect your feet and ankles from impact in the event of a crash. Trainers and tennis shoes have been known to fly off in motorcycle crashes as they’re simply not sturdy enough, meaning the rider’s feet are exposed to all kinds of injury.

Motorcycle Pants

This is usually the piece of kit that many riders choose not to wear, however if you’d like to protect your legs and knees, they are essential. Riding in jeans might offer some protection, however in the worst case scenario if you were dragged along the road they would rip and you’d be left with nasty scrapes and cuts. If you’re not into the idea of wearing leather pants you can get specially designed motorcycle jeans – a much better option than regular jeans.

Which piece of kit would you never be seen riding without?

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