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The Best Escape Rooms in London

Are you confident of your puzzle solving abilities?  Do you think you could strategize with your friends and find your way out of an escape room in an hour?  If so, London is one of the best cities for this type of fun.  There are dozens of escape rooms on offer in the English Capital, and we’re going to describe the best ones below.

Casino Heist

Casinos are a popular genre of escape rooms, and are popular in both the UK and the US (check out this Dallas Escape Room for an example).  If you’re in London, though, the best Casino escape on offer is the one held in Shepherd’s Bush.  You and your friends will be tasked with solving riddles and unlocking puzzles in order to steal as much money as possible before the time runs out.  Will you manage to escape with the money or will you be caught by security?

Kill M.A.D

If the sound of a psychological thriller sounds exciting, you’ll want to check out the Kill M.A.D game held by Archimedes Inspiration in Bermondsey.  Set in an old hospital, you and your friends will be tasked with investigating the area and unraveling the secrets inside.  First appearances may be deceptive, so you’ll want to look carefully if you’re ever going to escape.


Do spy novels get you excited?  Do you love finding the secrets in mysteries?  If so, the ClueTrace experience located near Dalston Kingsland Overland is the ideal choice.  The game here is like something out of the movie Inception.  Set in 1980’s Berlin and London, you’ll be tasked with identifying a double agent who also has the ability to travel through space and time.  This game is fun for all ages and is well worth a visit.

Lady Chastity’s Reserve

Lady Chastity’s Reserve is one of the few comedy-centric Escape Room games in London.  Hosted by Hand Made Mysteries in South London, you’ll actually find this room hidden underneath a pub in Clapham!  The aim here is to solve a load of hilarious clues in the hopes of finding Lady Chastity’s aphrodisiac wine.  Fun to try with your partner or a group of friends, it’ll definitely be a unique experience.  And, those who manage to solve the mystery get to keep the wine for themselves!

Moriarty’s Game

Finally, an escape room in London list wouldn’t be complete without a reference to Sherlock Holmes.  This game, set in a secret location in Mayfair, requires participants to traipse around London in the hopes of finding Moriarty’s house.  You’ll unravel riddles over drinks, scrutinize 15th-century art, and explore hidden gems of architecture in your pursuit to find Sherlock’s nemesis.  Oh, and Moriarty will tease you (and send you clues) via your phone as you advance.  This game is fun for groups of all sizes.

Escape rooms have become incredibly popular over the last few years, but luckily there are plenty of different ones that can be tried.  If you have any more to add to this list, let us know in the comments.

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